Wednesday, November 30, 2011


howdy guys. wooohhh~ (sighing) . it has been a long time since i've posted something descent here but they did say "it's better late, than never, right? well, to really show my determination which is really boosted up, i've changed my blog a little bit. hope you guys like the new change. huhu. 

there are so many things that i want to share with you guys. so where do i start? well first thing first, i've finally done with my second semester. so how was it, you say? well, i'm not that disappointed with my result though it reeks failure but what can i do, let bygone be bygone right? hakhak. i'm not too keen with my result as well, as it degrades so much that i can't bare to mention my result here. huhu. to be short, my result reeked. 

so the second story, i've went to TUNAS SAINTIS which is a science fair held annually only for MRSM students. it was awesome but to really express my feeling about it i'll try to elaborate it more in my other post okay? huhu. i want to go through one by one first and then i'll try to share it with guys and i hope i have just enough stories to keep this blog alive. huhu :p. and other than that, i also have participated in mighty minds which i've shared with you guys in my previous post but this time it's a little bit different. well to really about it i'll do it in another post okay. ermm what else? 

actually i have lots of thing to tell and ill try to post more often. so see you guys in my next post. PEACE OUT.

p/s : thanks syahirah ghani for mentioning my name in your previous post! it had really boosted me to renew my blog as well. HAKHAK. (' ',) she is for you information, a vice president 2 at MRSM tumpat and highly respected by others including me. huhu. AND PLUS SHE IS MY BEST-BUDDY!. hakhak.