Friday, January 31, 2014

Chinese new year and I'm busy writing

I'm happy. I don't really know why or perharps I just don't want people to know why, but I'm really glad that I did what I did. I know it's irrational or maybe too overrated but I had to do what I have to do. It feels right and I now see everything clearly now.

It all seems to be better to me now. I now can live my life to the fullest without that feeling of regret and unsatisfied. I hope that after this I won't be having any problems like this anymore. But I know that god gives you obstacles in life in order to test your faith in Him. And He knows best for you and for your future. I need to believe that.

This is really something good for me. I really feel it. I'm more positive and much stronger. If there's something so gloomy and so perplexing, you tell yourself that there's always a positive side to things, especially when it's something to do with your faith to god.

Now I speak for myself and also to others that you need to balance everything about yourself, from the spiritual stuffs and to you physical and emotions so that they can give you a positive mind set and perpetual happy thoughts. Perhaps what I did might backfire me someday, but I know what I did is the right thing. I'm much and much more superior in every single aspect and I need to believe that.

I have one bright future in front of me and myriads of choices to choose from. I can basically live my life leisurely if I keep on working hard. Trust yourself, Husen that you can do it. That the future is something that you can shape and it is in your very grasp that you could do almost anything to it. You just need to keep on ignoring those things that might pester in your way and just keep looking ahead. That's the right way.

Emotions can be hard to handle but I'm basically joyful right now and I hope this keeps on. Can't wait to go back to college and just focus on my studies. I can't wait to score in my examinations. I can't wait to get into my preferred university. I can't wait to to finish my studies. I can't wait to work. I can't wait to show my parents that I have finally become the son that they have always wanted. And I can't wait for my family to be proud of me because I know that my potential is much broader than I could think of.

Thanks god for showing that I'm actually much braver than I thought. Thank you. :)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A remembrance to my thoughts

There's no shortcuts in life. There's only the hard way and I tell you it's pretty damn hard. Most often you see yourself getting stuck at few places and don't know where to start over.

You'll just condemn yourself for making that huge stupid mistake and let yourself drown in it which is really not a bad idea but only if you feel stupid enough to ruin your life just like that.

You take those arduous excursions just to know in the end that you'd be lost instead of finding answers to your life's riddle. But we need not to be dissapointed because at the end of the journey there will always be a place for you to stay and enjoy the moment. May it be a long big house equipped with tools and beautiful accessories to adorn the whole house or only neccessary items to complement the needs of the house. We all know that we can finally rest in it and to continue on the tiring journey on the next day.

I myself have always been making every single thing complicated when they are actually very simple. Nothing to fret actually. I used this road which at first seems so beautiful and enchanted when in the end it will actually lead me to a false path. Life does not always look easy. You need to push yourself to the limit and never choose the easy way because finally you'll only suffocate yourself with other onerous problems.

Try to use long big paths which can lead you to the right destination. Maybe you'll get yourself into small pot holes in the roads but remember nothing that small can get in your way of attaining your self-happiness even if it means sacrificing a few of your happy moments.

Life is too short to let it be ruined by other things. Life needs to be meaningful to you and to others so that it can keep on living in the hearts of the people who love you or remember you. Life need not to be arduous. Life can be easy but it's up to you to think of it that way. Nothing can get in between of you and your long most coveted things which are peace and long life serenity.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

A piece of my mind

What has been done is done.. no turning back. Now im on a brink of collapsing and only faith has held me so strong..

But i dont know how long or how strong for it to last. What i hoped for isnt what ive expected and whats more embarrasing, its totally the opposite of my expectation and everyone else including my own family. So many things going on lately and problems are dwelling inside of me like a bomb just waiting to explode.

Theres really no use in fretting in what that has been done.. but us human especially me cant stand a chance with my own thoughts.. its like a natural virus already embedded inside of you and is only waiting for the right to thing to trigger it into function.

Am i not blessed enough with what i have? Each and every one of us has our own problem to sort out and different people has their own different way of solving it. Maybe im not the type of person who can handle problems properly but i do have those people around me who can.. thats why i just need to learn how to trust them and stop pushing them away.