Tuesday, May 31, 2011


this actually happened about two months ago but i still want to blog about this as it has a very dear memory to me. this is one of the finest moments in my life. love it so much, cant get it out of my head. and to top it all up this is the best thing that had happened to me during my time learning at mjsc pengkalan chepa.

im the one that is standing behind and trying to peek.

this is my beloved chemistry teacher. next to her is my seniour.

students taking pictures with their former teacher
we got scolded for touching that tree

group shot!

nice pose man...!

am i tall or what? haha

me smiling to the camera

what a nice memory. i have tons more shot but sadly my internet is having problems. but this will do. huhu. so enjoy the picture. peace out...


hello! for your information, im so bored right now. i dont know what to do. i thought being at home resting and relaxing myself would be something i longing for. but i was all wrong when i dont know what to do. huhu. but initially when i was at my school i missed my home so much but when i came home suddenly i missed being at my school. what a mix feeling im having right now. 

but still, i need to enjoy while it last. no more whining from me as the holiday is not that long and i need to enjoy every minute of it. so i think i want to go outing with my friends but i dont know if they have the time to go out. what the heck?! i just got a very bad news from my mom. she said that im going to kl tomorrow. i was just planning to go out with my friends and suddenly my mom wants to go to kl. what can i do, i need to go no matter what.

now i can truly enjoy myself, playing around with nieces and strolling around kl. what a day would it be. no more boring face from me.. huhuhu.. so peace out, i need to pack all of my stuffs. see ya!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Back home sweet home..

howdy everybody...! im finally back at my home after about 4 weeks of being in a boarding school. now i can finally relax and unwind myself after two weeks of surviving a very brain-twisting exam. the examination was totally tough that only those are geniuses can get straight a+ for that and i am out of the list obviously.

so forget about the exam, now i want to only focus on my holiday which will be a two weeks of relaxing, how long were i waiting for this and finally my dream comes true.

so i just want to say happy holiday to everybody from malaysia and to my friends from mjsc pengkalan chepa. hope to see you guys again soon. so goodbye. peace out....!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


hukhuk. =.=. now i am on my way back to mrsm pc. eventhough mrsm pc had given me a lot of joyfulness but i still feel a little bit reluctant leaving my home. HOME SWEET HOME, I DONT WANT TO LEAVE YOU. but still i have to.

now i am on my car, already packed and everything so wish me the best yarh. and and and... i only two weeks to study for my sem test which is going to be so very hard. i heard that sem is one of the harshest test ever made. HAHA. so i need to study hard for the examination and wish for the best along with my parents' prayers so that i could face the harsh exam. huhu

so i had to go now as i need to rest because last night was my stay-up-late night so i slept late last night. huhu. so till then see you all next time. hope to update this blog more often. bye! PEACE OUT

Monday, May 2, 2011

!_going to the bank_!

hello guys we meet again on this fine day. now i am actually on my way to the bank to open up an account so that the mighty minds company can cash in the money that i've won. huhu.

actually i forgot to tell you all about mighty minds. so for your information, mighty minds is a four stage competition that will need your 'mighty' mind to help you in the hope of qualifying in every round. so actually it is a group effort that have made us win that competition. i little info about the competition and how did we do in the competition.

so actually, my friends and i was the representatives of mjsc pengkalan chepa for the mighty minds state challenge in kelantan. we were a little bit unprepared as we got the notification for the competition a little bit late but we still had to prepare ourselves for the worst. during the competition, there were 60 schools that entered the competition and we were a little bit stunned by that as we thought mighty minds is an ordinary competition but obviously there was more to that.

the first stage of the competition, there were 20 hard questions that we needed to answer. but out of the 60 schools only 15 schools can qualified to the second round which was the invention round where you need to invent the things that have been asked to do. thank god the first round mrsm pengkalan chepa manage to fill the spot in the next round and mrsm pc got 2nd in that round.

the second round,we were all so nervous in that stage where we have to invent a tall tower with a deck that can move up and down and can revovle 360 degrees. and we were given only 1 hour and 30 minutes to finish all the work. in the end, our team finally manage to realize the idea and during this stage 10 team will be eliminated before qualifying to the third round where you have to present your product infront of everybody. mrsm pc got the fifth place and we still have the chance to win the grand prize. thank god for that.

during the presentation, i was especially nervous because there were crowds of people that were watching me present but still, i had to brave myself and cope with the situation. i present and we were all hoping that our presentation were enough to put our team's mark infront pf everybody. in this stage, there are not going to be any elimination of team and all were qualified to the next round which was the quick-fire round where you are asked to answer the subjectives question. how sad we were when our team only managed to answer 2 questions but still our hopes were not going to be affected by that.

the moment of truth finally came. all teams were crossing their fingers, hoping that their team would be mentioned last as the last name to be mentioned is the one who will be the winner. how shocked were we when the judges announced that our team was tied with the chinese school so the judges decided to judge us based on our presentation and the win went to us as our presentation was better than the other team. YAHOO!

okay that's all for now. the bank is calling my name now so i've to go. by the way our team won RM5000 and how happy were we to win that. huhu. so till then see you again next time. PEACE OUT. >,<

Sunday, May 1, 2011


howdy guys! we meet again. so i just want to make a short update. so below is my result for selaras test.

BM - 65
SJ - 53
BIO - 63
PHY - 82
BI - 83
PA - 86
PAI - 87
MA - 87
MM - 90
CHE - 90
so i got only 2A+ 5A 2B 1C

so in two weeks time  i will have my midyear test but i yet to study. so see ya because i want to study bio and history which are my weakest subjects for now.  till then see you again. PEACE OUT


just a short update. maybe this news is just too out-dated but i still want to tell the news to you. actually at mrsm pengkalan chepa i've entered something that involves with inveting something so this kind of thing needs you to have a laptop so that the work can be done. therefore, i told my father about the news and he immidietly bought me a new laptop, i mean netbook.

and i love my netbook so much. thanks dad... and my father bought me acer aspire one d255e. huhu.

Okay thats all for now. hope you like reading this post. till then see you again. and i want to thank my father again for buying me this laptop. thanksssssss! PEACE OUT. >,<