Tuesday, May 31, 2011


hello! for your information, im so bored right now. i dont know what to do. i thought being at home resting and relaxing myself would be something i longing for. but i was all wrong when i dont know what to do. huhu. but initially when i was at my school i missed my home so much but when i came home suddenly i missed being at my school. what a mix feeling im having right now. 

but still, i need to enjoy while it last. no more whining from me as the holiday is not that long and i need to enjoy every minute of it. so i think i want to go outing with my friends but i dont know if they have the time to go out. what the heck?! i just got a very bad news from my mom. she said that im going to kl tomorrow. i was just planning to go out with my friends and suddenly my mom wants to go to kl. what can i do, i need to go no matter what.

now i can truly enjoy myself, playing around with nieces and strolling around kl. what a day would it be. no more boring face from me.. huhuhu.. so peace out, i need to pack all of my stuffs. see ya!

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