Monday, August 29, 2011


actually, today is a really special day. why do i say that? well, today we are actually celebrating two great events at the same time which is the last day of ramadan and our national day. so i would love to take this opportunity to wish you all selamat hari raya and selamat menyambut hari kemerdekaan. may tomorrow be a wonderful day to all especially me. 

when hari raya comes, all would start to spruce up their home, busy cooking at the kitchen, and readily putting money in those coloured packs. there are also people who would do open houses and invite all their friends to come and celebrate hari raya together. it would be so jolly. well. speaking about open houses, i am actually having one of my own. quite early right? but nothing every year my family will have an open house so that they can invite their friends and our relatives to house.

actually, it can be quite a problem when i need to have a mature talk with them. it can be so awkward sometimes. well, nothing that i could possibly do than to only go with the flow. in fact, i will start to sweat so badly that i could feel my clothes getting soaked by the minute. well, i need to adjust soon or else i will have a very big problem when i grow older. so thats all for now...


Sunday, August 28, 2011



nothing much to say. mastering a certain subject is quite hard if you're not determined enough. what many would describe as the hardest subject might become otherwise if sheer hard work is fully harnessed and that is the hardest part. i would consider myself as someone that is unbalanced. there are some subjects that i could master and some that i couldnt. yet when i put my eye on my weakest one and the other subject will start to degrade too.

nothing that i could do other than practise. but being a guy like me, doing homework is just a hefty job. in short, IM LAZY.... anyway, in order to achieve what i want, the only possible thing that i could do is putting all of my effort into one goal and that goal is to strive for my SPM next year...