Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sleepy... ( =__= )

Okay, before I go to sleep I just want to post a brief entry. So after all the things that have gone through my life today, it is nothing important really. Just forgive and forget, that I would say. I'm just bored actually so that's why I write about my personal life. I hope you'll understand what I'm trying to tell you and please don't take anything to personally. I'm just wanted you to recognize me better and try to understand what is going on with my life.

My life is not great! I think I'm going nuts. Haha. I'm sleepy but at the same time I'm just anxious and there's an unpleasanty inside my heart that's stoping me from going to sleep. There's just so much going on lately, that I don't think I can cope with it anymore. I think, I'm going to stay put in my home and I'll try to isolate myself for a while. If you don't have any news from me, this is because I'm trying to rest my mind for awhile and try not to get into any troubles that just makes my life more miserable.

Okay I think my eyes are barely opening right now. Writing this post means a lot to me. Haha. So if you don't hear any news from me starting next week maybe that's because I'm trying to stay out from any kind of problems. So see you soon. Bye. Peace out!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Where is the damn CALENDAR! LOL

Wohoo! I just felt very exhilarated so sudden when I started thinking about my PMR result which would be around this December. I just can't wait to see my achievements and what is the outcome result for all of my hardwork like staying up late at night, reducing the time of playing computer and watching the TV. My hope is to get straight A's and I'm just dying to see the result. Actually two months is quite long if you're an impatient person like me.

But after I got my result, the school will be opening in weeks by then. I don't think I want to go to school yet. I want to have more rest and a longer holiday. Now I'm just not sure if I want my result that much anymore. Haha. But still, time will keep on going anyway and soon, until you'll know it, it is already the big result day. So for that, while I'm still having my holidays, I'll try to cherish all the moments and try not to waste it by doing nonsense things Haha. I think my English is becoming crappier. This is the result of too much Korean songs. For the mean time, I'll try to be more prepare when it comes to examination and stuffs. So bye! I think I'm going to continue to studying mathematics and my weakest subject which is history. Peace out!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


FYI, I was so bored today and as to kill my boredom, I decided to read some of my form 4 textbooks which was sponsored by my father, thanks a whole bunch dad! Even though I still have 2 months of school holiday, I decided to be fully prepare for my SPM as it is very, very, very important! I just don't want the same thing that happened to me for my PMR which I was not fully prepare, to be happening again for my SPM. So, today I have decided to study mathematics form 4 and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. But it ain't easy either. It was, I would say mediocre. I was so into learning form 4 math that the time just flew by me. It was awesome! As mathematics is the subject that I adore the most beside Science of course, I'm looking forward to learning math next year.

Actually, The plan is after I've done reading and fully understood all the chapters, in my math textbook, I'll continue to reading History. Even though, History isn't my best subject but as SPM is very important, I think I have to learn History from now and I'll try to make History as one of my favourite subject. I think, I'm going to read all the chapter in History and I'll try as hard as possible to memorize all the informations that is given. Finger crossed, I hope History would be more fun and exciting than Form 3, 2, and 1. Okay I think, reading too much mathematics have drained all of my energy. So I'm going to sleep now. Bye... Peace out!

What A friend???

Okay for this post I'm quite sad no really, really sad. How could they? I mean after all the things I've been through to help them and this is how they repay me. It's better if I don't have friends like them. All the things I've done, the things I did just gone to waste. Shit! I don't, I could barely see their face anymore. "Take Care Your Behaviour" what kind of stupid sentence is that? I know that sentence is thrown to me. Okay I know I can be so rude sometimes, I'm getting there. I'm trying to be a better man. I think they don't know me that well and that's why they treat me this way. I'm just so sad. I think the sentence "TAKE CARE OF YOUR BEHAVIOUR" is clearly for them too. I, I don't think I can continue to writing this entry post anymore. I'm just so disappointed, yes,yes that's the right word, disappointed. I hope that I'll never see their face again. So goodbye! Peace out!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What A Boring Day!

Today, to sum it all up, it was totally boring. Because of that, I'm going to tell what has happened to me, today. Okay, today, as usual, I woke up early in the morning and ate my breakfast as my stomach was rumbling continuously. My mom cooked some mee for me to eat. And then I went to my computer and surf the Internet. And the first thing that came to mind was to post an entry to my blog. I think I'm addicted to blogging now. Haha. Then after I've post an entry at my blog, I then open and yes you guessed it, my facebook. Even facebook can't make my day. Haha. I don't know why but I was especially bored, today. Maybe this is those day where people went out from their home, haha but for me, how can I? I don't have any transportation so I'd to stay home.

After that, I just continued sleeping. Actually while I was sleeping, I let my computer because I was downloading movies and the file was so big that it took four hours to be downloaded. And that's why I went to sleep. After a long session of sleeping, I went to my computer and yes the file has done. So I continued with my facebook. Nothing interesting as always. So I still let my computer opened, just maybe there might be something interesting that someone will post at their profile. So I went to watch the television. There's nothing interesting there either. Just repeated TV shows. I was so bored that I think, I slept while watching the TV. LOL.

Then when I opened my eyes, I quickly ran to my computer, just hoping that there might be something interesting and there was nothing. Just people whom I don't know, just posting things that I don't give a damn of. Then, I again went to sleep while my computer was still opened. But this time I download some music video and not movies like I use to, I was running out of idea on what movies to download anymore. After that I woke up and it was already evening. And lastly, I opened my computer and I'm posting this entry right now. Just bored actually, so as to kill the boredom I've post this entry. As a conclusion, when I am really, really, really bored I just sleep all day long. Haha. Okay I think I'm sleepy now so I want to sleep so bye! Peace out!

Can You See It???

For this entry, I would love to introduce you to my dear beloved pet! And it is a cat. I have him since he was still a little kitten. As you can see the picture below, it is completely black - from top to bottom, from the toes to the face and even its belly is completely black! Despite being that black, I still take care of him and openly took him as my pet.

This is him. His fur is totally black. Haha. What do you think?

And I think it is a "he". But I can't be completely sure because his ehemm is hard to see as it is utterly black. I don't think I have the nerve to grab his feet and spread his legs just for the need to see what its gender is. For now, I'll stuck to thinking it as a he. LOL. So, because of his appearance of being totally black, he is always and always and I want to emphasize it again - always getting stepped by my family. Sorry Blackie - the cats name. LOL.

Looking back at my earlier sentence, it made me remembered a very funny incident that happened to my mother. LOL. I still can't stop laughing. Haha. There was my mother, busy cooking and she will quickly put on her tunnel-vision when she's focusing on her job. As my cat is black, he walked in unnoticed by my mother and even me (I was in the kitchen with my mom). My mom then stood from her chair after she was done chopping the onions and she walked to the kitchen sink to wah her hands. When she walked, she accidentally stepped on Blackie's tail. And it was so funny to see that my cat screamed. Have you ever seen a cat scream before? - It was like meowwwwwww! Haha. I just can't stopped laughing and at the same time I felt sorry for him. Haha.

And Blackie always like to go out in the morning and he'll return home when it's already dark. His reason to come home just to eat and after done eating he'll went out from my house again. Who do he thinks he is? Haha. I thinks he's cute but how about you. Okay I think that's for now. Peace out!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Not So Fun Trip...

Well today, I was crazy enough to go along with my friends' idea to go on a trip with them. My school held a so call trip to the Terengganu Trade Center when a student suddenly said that going to TTC alone would be a little bit boring so they asked the teachers who were in charged if they could go to the Taman Tamadun Islam (TTI) or its English name is Islamic Civilization Park. And the teachers just went along with that stupid plan. Not that I'm not into with this kind of thing, it's just that it would be a little bit boring if we went there especially on the day like this because there would be nothing to do there except to admire the view of that place which was quite nice, okay, okay it was great! As I was pretty fatigue because of the constant ray of the scorching sun that shone my head all the time, I couldn't admire the view that well. I then took a few picture of that place so that I could watch the place again and of course to put it here so that all of you could also see it for yourself.

So what do you think? Isn't it captivating?

Okay the next destination was the Terengganu Trade Center. Okay I've to admit it, as a fan of science and since that the teachers decided to bring me to the Science Convention, the whole trip suddenly became a little bit interesting. I've played lots of things inside there like solving a so-not-hard puzzle. Their puzzle wasn't as hard as the National Science Center and yeah I've been there. So after a long day playing and discovering new things at the Science Convention, I went on foot to the Giant Supermarket which was a stone throw away. I was quite embarrassed actually because I was wearing my school uniforms and the people around me just looked at me as if I was playing truant. Haha.

Then the trip suddenly became dull again. There was nothing to do at that Supermarket but just to make my eyes popped out when I see lots of cool things like video games and food as I didn't bring enough money. I just walked and walked until my feet felt sore. Finally, I went to my bus and just sat on my sit, hoping that when I got home that I could get some rest. I woke so early this morning just to do this lame activity. Haha. Sorry, but I did have some happy moments with my friends. And of course, that would be the moment I'll cherish always. Peace out!


Monday, October 25, 2010

How was it???

Yes, you may be wondering why did I named for this entry post like that. Actually that question was for me. So why did people ask me that question, actually the question was about my Penilaian Menengah Rendah or others might call it PMR. Okay people, I'm sicked of hearing that question all the time, don't you? PMR has been long gone so please don't dwell about the past. I'm bored. So if you still wan't to know how was PMR, okay I will answer your question here. So don't bother asking me that question again. Haha.

Lets see... For my first paper which was BM paper 1, it was freaking hard! This paper still haunts me, you know, where ever I go and when ever I think, I will always remember about that damn paper. Please get out of my head! Then came the next paper, it was my BM paper 2. Okay, I can work with that, okay I've done this before, okay this paper is freaking easy! - The expression, I gave after I've skimmed the pages. I think I've written an essay which was three pages long and how many essay of BM I've done that long before, never ever in my live. That was the longest essay I've ever written. So the last paper of the day was PAI and what is fu**ing happening to this country. How can a student be concentrating if they are having their examination in the afternoon - this is when we have our afternoon naps! So lots of you may be thinking what is PAI? Not that it is a type of food that you eat, it is actually a subject that has been short formed to that. Its real name is Pendidikan Agama Islam. This paper has it's ups and downs. But most of them was ups. I'm hoping that I'll get all a's.

The next day, my first paper of the day was english paper 1. Its questions were quite easy and I was stupid enough to get three wrongs for this paper and yes I've checked my paper. Then came english paper 2. This paper is easy! I think I've wrote too much that I've consumed too much time. Haha. But fortunately I've made it just in the nick of time. And again on the afternoon, I was forced to answer Geography in a hot weather. Their question was quite easy and thanked god I only got two wrongs. Haha!

Okay for my third day, it was science paper 1 and as I love science so much, I don't think I had a hard time answering it. I've checked it but I'm that sure, I think I got it all correct. Haha. Then it was Science paper 2 and it was pretty hard but not so hard that it can make my head go nuts. Lastly, it was History and this subject is especially hard for me as I have a pretty hard time remembering things and history needs you to memorize all the facts which I'm just not that good with. It was a nerve-wracking when I tried to answer all those question but thanked god that the question was not too hard. And I've checked it, out of 60 question I only got 3 wrongs.

Last but not least, it was Mathematics and Living Skills. On with Mathematics, it consits of two paper which are paper 1 and paper 2. Both of this paper, I think I've done my best but what was the damn shit happening to me?! I've already got the first question wrong! And itwas only about rounding off a number! I can be so stupid sometimes. So the last paper was living skills and after that I'm a free man! So living things are not that hard for me. I think I can get an a out of it. So please wish me good luck so that I can get 8a's for my PMR! See you then! Peace out!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

We Are The Fallen

We Are The Fallen! Have you ever heard of this group? Their songs amazed me and I so love to hear them over and over again, non-stop. I was first introduced to this group by my sister and at first I just wasn't that into melodic gothic metal and when I heard their songs over and over again, I was like their songs are pretty good. After hearing their songs again, I was like their songs are GOOD! So I have to let my ears do the talking and my ears just won't stop hearing their cool songs. I've put one of their songs in my blog actually so when you open my blog you'll hear it. This song is one of my favourite song of their album which is Bury Me Alive. And their album is called Tear the World Down. I've put a link here so that you can download their album:-

[This group is actually comprised of the original members of multi-platinum trailblazing band Evanescence, guitarists Ben Moody and John LeCompt along with drummer Rocky Gray, with enigmatic American Idol finalist Carly Smithson powering the vocal reins of the new group. Respected touring and studio bassist Marty O’Brien (Disturbed and Static-X, among others) rounds out the iconic five-some. The energetic creative engine behind the launch of Evanescence, Moody and the other members of We Are The Fallen found a true partner in Smithson, who always envisioned a band environment as her dream move following Idol. Ben Moody who co-founded the band, was a principal writer of the 15-million selling debut, Fallen, departed Evanescence in 2003.

Since that time, he has enjoyed a prolific career as a producer and songwriter. When asked about the formation of We Are The Fallen, he shared, “I am finally home.” Singer Smithson added, “As an artist I have never been happer. Creatively, musically visually, and on a comedic level we are united and together on the same page. We are a family.”] - I actually just copied these from their website which is So please pay a visit to their website and I hope you'll love this band as much as I do. Peace out!


Friday, October 22, 2010

Into The Wild 2007

Into The Wild! It's a very beautiful story! Actually, I've just done watching it and it almost made me cry, but I don't. LOL. This story is very compelling and I think you should try to download this movie. It's very touching and sad. This movie is also not suitable for people who is under age-18. Haha. But I still watch it. For your information, I just fast forward the movie when the scene is not allowed for me. But sometimes I also made it move slowly so that I could watch it more clearly, just kidding! LOL. So I hope you'll try to download this movie and the link is already provided here.

Imdb Info: Based on a true story. After graduating from Emory University, top student and athlete Christopher McCandless abandoned his possessions, gave his entire $24,000 savings account to charity and hitchhiked to Alaska to live in the wilderness. Along the way, Christopher encounters a series of characters who shape his life.

The Download Links:



Thursday, October 21, 2010

Whale Wars!

LOL! Actually, the reason that I'm so happy right now even though I'm still a little bit sad about the earlier incident is that, I've read a very funny sketch. I want to thanks Hexism for putting a smile on my face. So, I would love to share my happiness with all of you by giving you the chance to read this sketch. Enjoy!

WTF!!! {Shocking News}

Oh my god! Today, when I was happily surfing the internet. Suddenly, I bumped to an old friend of mine. He's sixteen and he asked me where I'm going for the SBP application. And I said to him I want to go to Sekolah Menengah Sultan Alam Shah when actually I realized that I've chosen the wrong school. The school I was hoping for was Sekolah Menengah Sains Alam Shah which is situated in Kuala Lumpur but instead I chosed Sekolah Menengah Sultan Alam Shah. WTF! I chosed the wrong school. For god sake, it can't be. So I went looking for my application and it clearly stated Sekolah Alam Shah. I was "what the heck! The wrong school!"

This is my application and you could clearly see it, right??

How dumb I was for not seeing that. Now, thanks for the deadline which was a few weeks ago, I can't change the application. Arghh!!! I'm so pist right now. I was so stupid! Why, why, why is this happening to me? Not that SMSAS is not a good school, it;s a great school but I would really love to go to Sekolah Menengah Sains Alam Shah or his popular name - ASiS. So, the only thing I can do right now is, I've got to pray to god that I will still get the chance to enroll myself in ASiS. Please2. So, again please don't mind my english, I am very pist after all so I can't really think straight right now. So BYE!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My First Entry

Hye. Huhu I'm so happy to be here. Finally, I got the chance to mark myself in this website. It has been a long time actually but my damn internet just won't work properly. So enough of that story, actually I'm here to tell you a little bit of my life, it's just like a diary but instead of a real diary which is private, this is an open diary that anyone can read it and understand what the things that's going on with my life.

This a little introduction about me that I would like to call it self-recognition (is that spelled right?). So I'm a male with a very skinny body which does not look so good with a very tall body. You might as well call me a stick man or very-thin-guy. I'm craving for some attention. Love to bowl which has been a long dream of mine that is to be recognize by the world that I'm a bowler. LOL. Besides bowling, I like to play badminton and running around in my house. I would love someday, if I have the chance, to play tennis. I've played it once or twice before but it's just not that satisfying as I'm in love with tennis. I don't have the racket but if I do, I would spend most of my time playing tennis even though I sucked at it.

I also love to play chess but for now, I have to stopped playing chess for some particular reasons that I don't think, you have the need to know. So, in academic, how to say this, I don't think I'm very good at it but I don't think I totally sucked at it. WTF, when I read this first entry, I know I've made some of you bored. Haha. Well, to be persise I'm just a simple boring person with lots of responsibility at hand. Just imagine, a teenage boy like me has to cope with lots of pressure like studies, homework, the upcoming result for my big examination, and the hopes of the people for me to succeed. Well, I think, I've talk to much so I'm going to finish my first entry with a happy smile on my face [eventhough u can't see me] and goodbye to everyone! And please don't mind my english. LOL!