Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My First Entry

Hye. Huhu I'm so happy to be here. Finally, I got the chance to mark myself in this website. It has been a long time actually but my damn internet just won't work properly. So enough of that story, actually I'm here to tell you a little bit of my life, it's just like a diary but instead of a real diary which is private, this is an open diary that anyone can read it and understand what the things that's going on with my life.

This a little introduction about me that I would like to call it self-recognition (is that spelled right?). So I'm a male with a very skinny body which does not look so good with a very tall body. You might as well call me a stick man or very-thin-guy. I'm craving for some attention. Love to bowl which has been a long dream of mine that is to be recognize by the world that I'm a bowler. LOL. Besides bowling, I like to play badminton and running around in my house. I would love someday, if I have the chance, to play tennis. I've played it once or twice before but it's just not that satisfying as I'm in love with tennis. I don't have the racket but if I do, I would spend most of my time playing tennis even though I sucked at it.

I also love to play chess but for now, I have to stopped playing chess for some particular reasons that I don't think, you have the need to know. So, in academic, how to say this, I don't think I'm very good at it but I don't think I totally sucked at it. WTF, when I read this first entry, I know I've made some of you bored. Haha. Well, to be persise I'm just a simple boring person with lots of responsibility at hand. Just imagine, a teenage boy like me has to cope with lots of pressure like studies, homework, the upcoming result for my big examination, and the hopes of the people for me to succeed. Well, I think, I've talk to much so I'm going to finish my first entry with a happy smile on my face [eventhough u can't see me] and goodbye to everyone! And please don't mind my english. LOL!

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