Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My pain

I can't wait for the pain to go away. I can't wait to leave everthing behind.

It's just too painful to trust someone. I'm just too gullible.

I hope that the time would just fly away faster so that I don't have to endure every bit of this bitter moment alone. I hope that I can stay calm under pressure.

Had only I known this would happen, I would have created a whole different dimension for myself so that no one else but me can enter.

I don't know how to heal a pain that I myself can't see nor touch. I don't know how to redeem the past that was all butterflies and rainbows. If only time can be repeated, I would have never made that mistake.

If only time can help me to heal the wound which is so delicate, so fragile that without the  proper touch it'll be even more painful.

It seems so hard for me to forget. It's even harder to let everything go when there's a big constant reminder and even more so that the object is in front of you everyday, every painful minute and evert bitter second.

It's just so painful.

It's even painful to forget.

It's even more painful to remember.