Friday, February 4, 2011

~All Wrap Into One~-part two

Howdy guys! So we meet again. Okay actually, during my off-blogging time, I have a lot of time to spare and I used most of my time playing Facebook.  Not just Facebook but the games in Facebook and one of them is CITYVILLE. How addicted am I to this game. It just makes the time fly so quickly if you're someone as addicted like me. Okay, to summarize it up, Cityville is all about building your own dream city, obviously. 

Other than playing Cityville and after getting an offer to go into a boarding school, I am actually busy packing and preparing some important stuffs. Lots of stuffs to buy and to be done such as my registration forms which are quite thick. But two thumbs up for my mom and my dad for doing most of the hard work. THANK YOU so much and I promise that I won't let you down. CHAYOK!

Actually, there's an interesting story behind me getting into a  boarding school. I actually first requested to be sent into a boarding school under SBP but unfortunately my request had been rejected. So I try my luck on MRSM. You can't imagine how disappointed i was when I've checked on the internet that MRSM has also rejected me. I was so sad that nothing could cheer me up even if there were a flying monkey with a nose of a pig crashing towards a tree. It was blurry but I think, after checking my offering I went straight to bed as I was tired because of the immense disappointment. 

But i really don't know how did my heart just won't quit thinking about my request so I turned my PC back on and tried to check it again. I was so surprised that my request was accepted and I was placed at mrsm in Kelantan - my father's hometown. YAHOO! I was so happy and excited. Actually I'm still not finish packing all the stuffs.

I'm in a packing mode right now so see you next time and hopefully that I have lots of new and wonderful stories to tell. till then BYE BYE. PEACE OUT! :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

~All Wrap Into One~-part one

Hello! WOW it has been a month now, I think, since I updated this blog. I hope the readers aren't going anywhere because I'm back and eager to give you another trip into my life. As the title suggest , I am going to summarise all the things that had happened to me during my off-blogging time. The truth is I was so happy with my result for PMR, ALHAMDULILLAH, that I've forgotten all about my blog. SORRY! ^,^

OKAY! Continue on with my story, as you know, thanks for god's will, I got 8 a's for my PMR and now comes new obstacles and challenges that I've to face which is SPM. =.=''. Then I taught everything is finally over but I guessed not. It is actually a new begining to a new life and hopefully to a new resolution that  I hope to fulfill, entirely. A month have passed now, and lots of things that I dont think, any of you can imagine which happened to me. One of it is preparing for a boarding school. YEAH! I'm going to a boarding school. O YEAH BABY!

ALHAMDULILLAH, I got my second wish granted which is to go to MRSM. Which MRSM, you ask? Okay, I got MRSM PENGKALAN CHEPA that have stay grounded at KELANTAN since 1973, I guessed. I hope that this school will teach me how to be a better person so that I will be more prepared for SPM. AMIN~. 

Now, look at the time, I must get going because I've to get ready for a special event. HUAHUAHUA! WHAT EVENT? It's a secret baby. Okay, nice writing to everyone again and I hope to seeing you again soon. BYE BYE. PEACE OUT BROTHER!