Saturday, October 6, 2012


a little update about myself. just went to yayasan khazanah interview and i had a blast. i could meet people from different backgrounds and it helps in broadening my horizion.

well this is the second stage and i managed to get through the first stage. the first stage tested me on my IQ which i prefer not to talk here. hehe. i think its not that hard but the time constraint was irrelevant. you were given 42 questions and you need to finish answering the question in only 9 minutes. WTH ?!

but still, i managed to qualify to the next stage. there were more than 100 applicants actually but 34 got through. so from this 34 people, including me, we went to the iq test session. from that 34 people only 4 got through which was unbelievable. i really hope that i could get this scholarship because i know that this scholarship could nurture the participants into becoming a better person.

i myself, is not expecting to get this but hopefully i could. ill put my heart and soul into it if i do get this chance. well, the second stage started off by testing you on your teamwork skills. i did fairly on that but im not that sastisfied with myself. i could have done much better if i tried harder. but still, let bygone be bygone right? so we were given a topic on facebook, whether malaysian companies are allowing their workers to use   facebook or not? so my team went against it. i myself did not went against with the topic but after much deliberation we come out with a conclusion to go against it.

we were given 30 minutes to discussed and it was presentation time. i was the one who started out the presentation. i talked so fast that the people did not really understand what i said. hehe. then the judges asked a lot of question regarding our presentation.

after that, we went to the 3rd floor and went into a room secluded from the others. our team was the first to do it. we were aligned according to our names and it was provocation time. we were each provoked with questions pertaining to the q cards given to us. each had a different topic. mine was about facebook being knowledgeable or not and will it bring harm to company due to the factor of it posing threat by revealing private informations.

i wasn't provoked that much but still anything can happen right? after that we have to make a conclusion on the survey given whether it was appropriate to do the survey or not. after that it was interview time. i was really pleased with the interview as had gone according to my plan. it was nice. we finished the whole program at 6 oclock or so. nice.

with that, i end my speech. hehe