Friday, December 30, 2011

3 days to go :(

well, it was fun while it last. in 3 days time, i am going back to my college. not that i hate my college or anything, it is just that i still miss my home and i really want to spend more time with my family though it may sounds boring but i really want to extend my holidays. :) i think this is the shortest holiday span that i ever had and it seemed yesterday, i went back home. perhaps, i need to accept that i am growing up and changes will imply in every thing i do. don't know why but i really hate changes. hope someday i would be matured enough to truly accept the reality that i am growing up and there is no longer childish behaviour. 

i have loads of packing that i really can't imagine how to bring to my college. i can't really expect how many boxes that i have but i know it would by many and i know it would a tedious job to transfer all this stuffs to my room. and don't forget, my homework is still not finish and i really, don't know how to finish it in time. but they say hardwork is the key to success so i will try my hardest to finish my homeworks and really stop wasting my time playing facebook. well, procrastination is indeed an ailment that all students have but what i do know that can really aid to this problem is sheer hardwork. :D i really need to harness every will that i have to get me going and give me the spirit to continue on fighting with this challenges.

*yawning. well, i think it's time for me to go to sleep. so goodnite everybudy. hope to see next time. PEACE OUT. :))

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merlin Season 4

well, i am glad to say that i finally found the links to download all of the series. so below are the links and you can download them right away. each episodes are broken into parts and the parts need to be rejoin before you  can actually watch them. don't worry, it would be very easy. you just need rar.exe - an extracting software but if you don't have it you can google and download it. so after you've finish downloading just open the first part of the episode and extract it. the parts will be rejoin by the software itself. it's that simple. :)

Series 4 will consist of 13 episodes. Colin Morgan said episodes would no longer be as stand-alone, "Each episode takes a progression as a piece of a jigsaw that has to be completed. There's no reverse going on." Due to the popularity of the show, Merlin has been renewed for a fifth series.

have a good time downloading! if you are experiencing some problems in downloading it or maybe if you guys  have some questions to ask, feel free to drop your comments. :) PEACE OUT.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

nothing special

i really don't have anything to say. i am speechless actually, why, you ask me? actually i have loads of homeworks and i tried to do them but it seems like i am not going anywhere with it. it seems too much for me to finish in just a week left before the school opens. i really need to speed up the pace and really try to stop from playing internet anymore. i find the idea of procrastinating your studies is quite unforgivable but i tend to do it anyway. :D

i know i've strayed away from my very purpose which to focus in my studies but what can i do, i miss staying at home and in less than i week i need to go back to my school. i really want to extend my holidays but who am i to do that. my result was not satisfying at all and i feel like fainting when i dwell about it. i think i need to stop worrying so much and start doing some action to actually undoing the fault that i made during my sem 2.

now i am in mood to study a little bit so have a good day guys. hope to see you guys soon. PEACE OUT. :) 


SCHOLARSHIP, what a word. ive been thinking for awhile and it hit me in the head, like very hard, i really need to take this kind of thing seriously from now on. i know im not a fan of reading, and probing stuffs but if i really want to excel in this scholarship thingy, i need to consider doing that as soon as possible. i might as well start reading newspaper, just appropriate enough to give me a little view about the world. i know it's impossible for you to do well in your interviews if you dont read. but i find it too tedious and sometimes i get too bored and fell asleep while doing that. 

it really is important and i need to take this seriously. i just read on my friend's comment about scholarships, and i am really interested in khazanah nasional but i found out it doesnt support students who ventured into medic but that is what i want and at the same time i really want that khazanah nasional. i have few problems along the way like i am not sure what course should i embark. there are few that come into mind but i dont know if i am up to it. i do need to take 'the difficulties that i might have' into account here. and the courses that come to mind are all quite challenging. 

why is it hard for me to choose what course should i venture in? i want to become a lecturer when i grow up but what kind of lecturer? i know, i am still at an early stage of determining my future but you cant never be too safe right? i just want to make sure that i will choose the right thing for me so that i could have a better life in the future. so you guys, if you might have any advice for me do feel free to comment it. i would be happy if you help me. thanks :). PEACE OUT.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

tomorrow is going to be the big day

actually, tomorrow im going to wear braces. i have a dentist's appointment and i don't mean to miss it at all. well, i am quite nervous but happy at the same time, to actually fix my teeth. well, my teeth is not that bad but i fell uncomfortable because my teeth gives out a non-pleasing sense which irritates me sometimes. i cannot imagine myself wearing braces. what would my face look likes? but one thing sure, i am so going to be humiliated by my friends. well, just say it this way, they aren't used to seeing me wearing braces yet. 

i heard it takes sometimes for you to get use with it but i am sure that i will not regret doing it. i know it would be completely painful but i am ready to endure every bit of that painful moment just to vanish the unpleasing sensation that i am feeling now. tomorrow morning at 8 i will go to the clinic, get checked-up before i could really   wear those braces. i feel a little bit anxious yet at the same time i feel calm maybe i am just sleepy. whatever it is, i hope that i will have the courage to undergo the horrifying session. i hope so. PEACE OUT.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


virus! i just hate this thing so much. now, i am at an utter outrage because my beloved laptop is infected by this malicious viruses. i just can't stand them. how i wish that this thing would not even be invented and that all computers users will have a peaceful time while surfing the internet. when come to think of it, why is it this disgusting thing was even invented in the first place? i don't see it as any benefit to the mankind at all, instead i see it as a destroyer that will only be a problem to us. 

actually, i was happily surfing the internet, searching for some new movies and songs, suddenly my antivirus beeped to a sound, indicating that there was a virus, intruding my laptop. i was totally stunned! i just can't believe that this virus would even dare to intrude my laptop. bewildered by the fact my antivirus actually crashed, i quickly reinstall my antivirus but unfortunately the virus was much stronger that i expected. so i don't have any other choices anymore, i surf the website for viral infection management and i finally found the perfect website. it was KARSPERSKY website. there, they provide you absolutely free products which has helped tremendously in recovering my laptop completely.

therefore, i would love to promote those products to you. so you can visit this website:-

just click the link above then you can simply download all of the given products and all of them are completely free. :) . thanks to these products, my laptop has fully recovered. well, hope you guys like this entry. PEACE OUT !

Monday, December 5, 2011

Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto ALBUM

i just found out that coldplay has released a new album. so for coldplay fans out there, do go quickly to the nearest outlet and buy the album. but i you guys just cant wait to hear their new album you can simply download it here. below is the link to download the album.

: here to download :

i hope you guys like it. so PEACE OUT. :)


well, tonight i'm having what you call as insomnia. i just can't help thinking that i only have about 29 days left to go back to my hectic college. there will be so much works that need to be done. it made me listless just even thinking about it. how i wish, i could have a longer weekend so that i could have more time to unwind and relax myself to the beauty of my bedroom. 

i always think isolation is the perfect way to increase your imagination as you can conjure as many wildly imaginations as you wish. and meanwhile when you are spending your time in a boarding school, you will easily be exhausted by the demanding activities that your school have. that is why i always try to isolate myself from others in my enchanting house if i came home to spend my jolly weekend. 

during my weeks spending here, i always try to pamper myself with late night movies. and the movies that i've watched so far, they all have what you call as a WOW factor and the ending is just so fantastic. well, the movie that i love the most so far is Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 2. i like every scene in that story as all the scenes have all of the missing pieces that will complete the puzzle which has long baffled your mind. well, i just can't believe that there is no more harry potter. well i guess harry potter will always be in our minds.

i have also watched Twilight Breaking Dawn. the story has become more and more exciting by the second. i just love the part where bella turned into a vampire. she looks so beautiful! i just can't wait to watch the last part of Twilight. it would be so AWESOME! well, i think that is all for now. i fell a little bit sleepy now. so guys do watch the latest movies and if you think the movies are awesome so do give some feedback. huhu. PEACE OUT!

Friday, December 2, 2011

TUNAS SAINTIS - a competition needs to be remembered !

as the title suggests, what is TUNAS SAINTIS ? well, in US they have what you call as science fair right ? so in Malaysia we have tunas saintis instead which is held annually only for MRSM students. this tunas saintis thingy is actually the platform for furthering your projects overseas or to be precise, INTEL i-SEF. i've always dreamt to go there, INTEL i-SEF as i can have the opportunity to broaden my knowledge on many wondrous facts. do you guys still remember about SEM? so this SEM, it's actually the platform for TUNAS SAINTIS. therefore, they are all interconnected somehow.

well, i did win the second place for my sem right, so i wasgiven the chance to furthering my project for TUNAS SAINTIS. how awed was i to know that! as my project is not that extraordinary but i was assured that my project would not go further than that, only tunas saintis. haha. i was given about a month or so, to do some improvements on it. so some twitching here and there and there was my project done and readily to be present in front of those very intimidating judges. 

actually, there were some glitches that happened before the presentation like my technical report was not done yet! how well-prepared was i right? hakhak. so, there were a little bit running here and there, and the tensions were building up so much within me, just waiting to burst out from me that i had a fight with my colleague. but we manage to solve the differences that happened between us just mere seconds before the presentation. but because of that my mind was all over the place, thinking something else. the judges asked me so much questions until i can't even answer most of them and my other team mate did the same thing. how unfortunate! we were all over the place during the presentation which had really given us the bad premonition that we are not going to win this.
the night of the result, our minds were restless, doubting that we would gain any kind of prizes. i was sure of it, we are not going to win. so slowly and clearly they announced the winners and we waited our names and project to be called. well, my instinct was right on the dot. we really did not win anything. serves me right for not being serious about this. hukhuk :(. well, again let bygone be bygone right? just take this as a challenge for me to enhance myself to be even more professional when it comes to prestigous competition like this. haha. and not to forget, though we did not win, but the moments being there were the things that  i will cherish always. and on the other hand, this competition was held at PULAU PINANG, MRSM TRANSKIAN. nice isnt it? haha. well that's all for now. see you all next time okay..! haha :). PEACE OUT!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

SRC ( students representative coucil ) part 1

to be honest, i have always wanted to be a SRC, myself since i started schooling there. so what is SRC actually then? well, in an mrsm-based school they have what you called student representative council which is the one who is in charge in organizing certain events or in short THE ORGANIZER. well SRC itself, is like a huge organisation which comprises 14 different tasks for each SRC. therefore it means in my college, we have 14 SRCs and all of them have their own talent which makes our organisation somewhat special.

it was in the month of JULY and i was in surau, then suddenly out of the blue, an announcement caught my intention. " to those who want to be a SRC, you guys can buy the forms at  DS tonight. the forms are limited so first come first serve," and i was like what the heck, i want to be one but i don't have the guts! to my amazement, came a friend of mine, he said something that really inspired me, for my reluctance have been devoured away by his wiseful talk. at first he asked me whether i want to be one or not. well, i told him the truth, i want to be one but im not sure if im qualified to be one. he said " you have to try! i believe you will get the spot. just try. believe me, you will become a SRC."

i was so determined that i went to the counter with confidence which i never thought i have before, to buy that piece of form which was truly precious. i've bought the form, thinking that i would hopefully pass this stage so that i could be interviewed. a few days passed by, the result came out for those who've tried out and wanted to know the result. so out of hundreds who've sent the forms only 50 who got through to the next stage. i went to result board, hoping that i would too qualify like my other friends, though, i knew, i would be really frustrated if i don't. the adrenaline rush is just too overwhelming that i couldn't think normally as i would do. there was it, the names printed on a white paper, so i searched and searched meticulously for my name.

what a shock!" that is my name!" i said to myself, amused by the fact that my name was in the second column, if im not mistaken. i just could not believe it, i got it! mUaHAhAha! so that was the first stage and an introduction what SRC really means. so that's all for now. i'll continue to sharing you guys with this story in my next post. PEACE OUT! huahuahua.. :)