Thursday, December 1, 2011

SRC ( students representative coucil ) part 1

to be honest, i have always wanted to be a SRC, myself since i started schooling there. so what is SRC actually then? well, in an mrsm-based school they have what you called student representative council which is the one who is in charge in organizing certain events or in short THE ORGANIZER. well SRC itself, is like a huge organisation which comprises 14 different tasks for each SRC. therefore it means in my college, we have 14 SRCs and all of them have their own talent which makes our organisation somewhat special.

it was in the month of JULY and i was in surau, then suddenly out of the blue, an announcement caught my intention. " to those who want to be a SRC, you guys can buy the forms at  DS tonight. the forms are limited so first come first serve," and i was like what the heck, i want to be one but i don't have the guts! to my amazement, came a friend of mine, he said something that really inspired me, for my reluctance have been devoured away by his wiseful talk. at first he asked me whether i want to be one or not. well, i told him the truth, i want to be one but im not sure if im qualified to be one. he said " you have to try! i believe you will get the spot. just try. believe me, you will become a SRC."

i was so determined that i went to the counter with confidence which i never thought i have before, to buy that piece of form which was truly precious. i've bought the form, thinking that i would hopefully pass this stage so that i could be interviewed. a few days passed by, the result came out for those who've tried out and wanted to know the result. so out of hundreds who've sent the forms only 50 who got through to the next stage. i went to result board, hoping that i would too qualify like my other friends, though, i knew, i would be really frustrated if i don't. the adrenaline rush is just too overwhelming that i couldn't think normally as i would do. there was it, the names printed on a white paper, so i searched and searched meticulously for my name.

what a shock!" that is my name!" i said to myself, amused by the fact that my name was in the second column, if im not mistaken. i just could not believe it, i got it! mUaHAhAha! so that was the first stage and an introduction what SRC really means. so that's all for now. i'll continue to sharing you guys with this story in my next post. PEACE OUT! huahuahua.. :)

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