Friday, October 11, 2013

Just something for the mind

Let's just cut to the chase. Less than 2 weeks now, I'm going to sit for a very important exam. It's what us matriculation students call as PSPM 1. Am I ready yet, you ask? The answer would definitely be, no! Why you ask? Okay, let's be serious, how can someone cope with that awful lot of reading? I am for sure I'm not in the list of those people who would keep on reading no matter how sleepy they are, because to me it would be wasting my time doing something knowing that it will not result in what I would expect it to be. Please, people don't ever take the sentence before this as an advice. I'm just implying of how not determined am I to keep on straining my eyes on those heavy, thick, awfully written notes, I keep.

Yes, I know that the time is ticking but what antidote that I need to consume so that I can just put my laziness aside and just propel myself with that 'jetpack' to keep me on the right track. I'm really not in the mood of saying this but I have to admit, getting a lot of attention from my friends back in matriculation can be a poison to the mind. It makes myself feel too complacent with my current situation that I put no effort to keep on working harder. In fact, I'm deteriorating in terms of my determination. People are always telling me that I'm smart though I really doubt that, that it makes me feel too proud sometimes. But I try as hard as I can to keep my ego down to a minimum.

Well guys, as much as my friends tried to convince me that I am smart, I still have doubts that I can keep on emitting excellence in my studies. The truth is success can not be obtain if you don't work for it. And there is no such thing as pure geniuses. How can someone be knowledgeable if they don't gain knowledge and how can someone keep performing if they don't work their asses off for it. That's why I believe that never be discouraged if your result don't portray what you always wanted. You just need to work on it more and never loose hope. with that I bid sayonara to everyone!