Thursday, August 10, 2017

Breaking bad

I know it's already 2017 and that series ended in 2013. Better late than never right? Since for the past few weeks, I have been using my spare time watching this tv series and let me tell you, it was definitely worth my time despite for the first two seasons to be somewhat kind of mundane and meaningless. But truth be told, it was not actually and it all made sense when the final season came. 

This series has one of the saddest ending for a tv series I've ever watched. So I would highly recommend that anyone of you who have yet watched this to watch it as soon as possible and I would really like to discuss the endings with you guys.

Well. I just finished watching it just now and the ending was so moving that I had to make a fan fiction story to continue the ending that I had playing constantly in my mind.

So here it goes...

First of let's talk about Jessie, since he's the second main character in that series I feel that it's more appropriate that if I shed some light on his continued ending first preceding anyone else's. So he has finally broken free from the clutch of the gang who wanted him alive just so that he could perpetually be their meth-making puppet. He finally arrived to a secluded area and everything was so overwhelming to him and there were these thousands images running through his thought, some of which were plans or somewhat fragmented ideas that to him would be the ticket free from getting caught and to finally start over with his life. 

He went to his two bestfriends first, crashed at one of those two's houses and finally explained everything to them and they discussed throughout the night on how to save Jessie. Finally, they came up with an idea to lay low for the first few weeks, since the police is still hot on their feet trying to investigate that freshly new case. Then one night, when Jessie was sleeping he remembered that Todd once mentioned where they kept all the money that they stole from Walter and he decided to look for those money the next morning. But he was stopped because his plan was to risky since the place they kept the money was very near to the recent crime scene so he came to a conclusion that he had to put his former plan on a hiatus first or at least until everything has subsided.


Skyler who found out about Walter's death from the officer who was investigating this case, showed no remorse or emotion whatsoever and when it was his son's turn to receive the news, the smirk on Walter's Jr's face made Skyler felt pity and sad for Walter (her former husband). She has always prayed that someday that her son would see Walter for his true self and never to judge her and looked at her badly, but after seeing that response from Walter Jr or Flynn, she took it back. She felt that it was very unfair for her husband to receive that kind of response from his own child.

The officer asked her whether she would like to see Walter's face for the last time and on the phone she said, "I, I,.. I think I need some time first" then she puts down the phone and went to her living room and lit a cigarette. The smoke coming off from the end of the burnt cigarette obscured her vision and all that she could see was 'white fume'.