Saturday, April 30, 2011


here i am again with you as promised. today i would love to share you all my story on my first time debating infront of everybody and it was an utterly nerve-wracking experience.

as you all know, i've succeeded in becoming one of the college debaters but  there was more to that. i was also chosen as one of the debaters that are going to be participating in the upcoming inter-school debate competition that will be held at MJSC PENGKALAN CHEPA. how shocked was i to know that when i dont even have the experience of debating before but still, they chose me as one of the debaters that are going to compete in the debate competition. i was a little bit reluctant as majority of the debaters in the team are already debaters at their former school and already have the experience of debating before but me, vice versa.

the time span between training and the competition is very short. we have only less than a week to train and my debating skills are still weak. so we've trained hard and we even cut our prep classes just for the sake of training. at first i was chosen as the second speaker but maybe i wasnt meant to be in that position so i was then put into the third speaker where i have the opportunity to rebut all the points that were given by the opposing team. and how i love doing that.

the day of the competition, i was hell nervous as i was not ready yet. the other two debaters, dont worry about them as they already have the experience whereas i dont have any. the competition began with a very interesting start where we have to debate with our own school which was totally strange. actually there was six school that participated and one of the schools forfeited from the competition. so mrsm pc decided to send two teams from their school and the form 5 debaters was given a name as mrsm pc 1. and we the form 4 debaters were called mrsm pc 2.

so its obvious actually we lost to them. haha. but thankfully the first round there is no elimination of team yet. we lost the mrsm pc 1 with margin of 5 so our marks are going to be -5. the whole competition itself has 5 rounds and fourth round is called semi-final round and the last round is the final. then came the second round where have to compete with smk zainab which was intimidating. their english is totally fluent where you can hear their english very well but their weakness was that they were talking so softly that you barely hear them. so that was so unfortunate for me because i as the third speaker need to rebut on the statements that was given but i dont have any as i couldnt hear what they were talking. when it came to my turn i stammered all the way because i cant rebut anything and that was so embarrassing but thanks to god's will because our team still manage to win that stage and our margin was 8 which was very high.

then came the third round where our team had to debate with smk faris petra which was totally an intimidating session because they were all wearing coat. they looked so professional. so we debated with them and we thought that our team were going to win because our debate was good and didnt stammer during that debate but smk faris petra beat us with a margin of 4. so our marks were -1. eventhough our marks seem little but it still qualified to the semi-finals because our marks was higher than the other two school. and how shocked were we when need to debate with mrsm pc 1 again. well, what can we do and it's all god's will. obviously mrsm pc 1 won the forth round and then they qualified to the finals and thank god they manage to win. so it is a win win situation where both team are happy with their results especially because i manage to get into the semi-finals. 

and one more thing i got into the top ten best debaters and i was ranked number 10. cool right? HAHAHA. im happy with my achievement but still, there are more that i need to improve. so thats all for now. see you next time. still lots of story to tell you. hope to see you next time. bye bye. PEACE OUT.

Friday, April 29, 2011


howdy Guys. so straight to the point no more greeting. not to be rude but just want to be fast. hihi. okay, based on the title, itself, I know everyone of you already have a general idea in mind on what am i going to write. huhu.

okay, how was i first introduced to debate team, you say? actually, when i was walking down the stair from my classroom, 4 nukman, i glanced upon an announcement that was pinned to a dashboard. so i read it with a hope that this announcement is important and it says " who has the determination to debate? if you do, come tonight at 'dewan terbuka' at 9.00p.m. sharp.". i was so happy to read that and i just went straight to the audition that night during my prep hour with no preparation at all. 

there i could see so many people trying to fill the spot in the debate team but i would not let that crush my dream so i still tried to participate in the debate team. there they give me three motions and one of them suited me well. and don't forget, thanks INTAN for accompanying me during the audition. the motion that i picked was ' poverty eradication should be prioritised over scientific development'. 

I was still new to debating but fortunately there was form 5 to help me. and one of them taught me how to manipulate the motion and how grateful was i to him. THANKS! so i was the opposition side so i manipulate the motion by saying that 'poverty eradication and scientific development should both be prioritised equally'. and that was the reason that have made qualified to the next round which horrifying.

why horrifying you ask because in the second round you will only be given one motion and you have to rely on your own now without the help of other people. during this audition i was a totally nervous and the judges could see that when thay said that i was as pale as dead corpse. huahuahua. but i took that comment and began to build confidence along the audition. and the judges could see that, i think, .so i was chosen as one of the debate team. huhuhuhuh. and there were other seven people that was chosen as the debate team.

huhu. that's all for now. i hope you have a great time reading that. and i promise, next time i will share you my story on my first time debating as a real debater. and it was totally a nerve-wracking experience. so till then see you next time.


HAHAHAHA! It has been a looooooong time since I've updated this blog. I miss my blog. I'm so sorry, lots of work to be done in last two months. Well, I am in a new school so I need time to adapt myself there. AND THANK GOD THAT I'VE FINALLY ADAPTED MYSELF. 

#NOW, I am a new person and I am utterly asured with that. WHY YOU ASK? - because the school changed me. I AM NO LONGER A SHY PERSON...

HIHI... >.<... I have a lot of stories to tell you but I need time to do it. SO DONT WORRY ILL TRY TO UPDATE THIS BLOG MORE OFTEN! I PROMISE!!!!

SO Thats all for now. MAYBE tonight i will share you my first story being at my new school. HUHU. till then see u next time. but do surf my blog more often as I will share you my wonderful experience there.