Friday, April 29, 2011


howdy Guys. so straight to the point no more greeting. not to be rude but just want to be fast. hihi. okay, based on the title, itself, I know everyone of you already have a general idea in mind on what am i going to write. huhu.

okay, how was i first introduced to debate team, you say? actually, when i was walking down the stair from my classroom, 4 nukman, i glanced upon an announcement that was pinned to a dashboard. so i read it with a hope that this announcement is important and it says " who has the determination to debate? if you do, come tonight at 'dewan terbuka' at 9.00p.m. sharp.". i was so happy to read that and i just went straight to the audition that night during my prep hour with no preparation at all. 

there i could see so many people trying to fill the spot in the debate team but i would not let that crush my dream so i still tried to participate in the debate team. there they give me three motions and one of them suited me well. and don't forget, thanks INTAN for accompanying me during the audition. the motion that i picked was ' poverty eradication should be prioritised over scientific development'. 

I was still new to debating but fortunately there was form 5 to help me. and one of them taught me how to manipulate the motion and how grateful was i to him. THANKS! so i was the opposition side so i manipulate the motion by saying that 'poverty eradication and scientific development should both be prioritised equally'. and that was the reason that have made qualified to the next round which horrifying.

why horrifying you ask because in the second round you will only be given one motion and you have to rely on your own now without the help of other people. during this audition i was a totally nervous and the judges could see that when thay said that i was as pale as dead corpse. huahuahua. but i took that comment and began to build confidence along the audition. and the judges could see that, i think, .so i was chosen as one of the debate team. huhuhuhuh. and there were other seven people that was chosen as the debate team.

huhu. that's all for now. i hope you have a great time reading that. and i promise, next time i will share you my story on my first time debating as a real debater. and it was totally a nerve-wracking experience. so till then see you next time.

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