Friday, December 2, 2011

TUNAS SAINTIS - a competition needs to be remembered !

as the title suggests, what is TUNAS SAINTIS ? well, in US they have what you call as science fair right ? so in Malaysia we have tunas saintis instead which is held annually only for MRSM students. this tunas saintis thingy is actually the platform for furthering your projects overseas or to be precise, INTEL i-SEF. i've always dreamt to go there, INTEL i-SEF as i can have the opportunity to broaden my knowledge on many wondrous facts. do you guys still remember about SEM? so this SEM, it's actually the platform for TUNAS SAINTIS. therefore, they are all interconnected somehow.

well, i did win the second place for my sem right, so i wasgiven the chance to furthering my project for TUNAS SAINTIS. how awed was i to know that! as my project is not that extraordinary but i was assured that my project would not go further than that, only tunas saintis. haha. i was given about a month or so, to do some improvements on it. so some twitching here and there and there was my project done and readily to be present in front of those very intimidating judges. 

actually, there were some glitches that happened before the presentation like my technical report was not done yet! how well-prepared was i right? hakhak. so, there were a little bit running here and there, and the tensions were building up so much within me, just waiting to burst out from me that i had a fight with my colleague. but we manage to solve the differences that happened between us just mere seconds before the presentation. but because of that my mind was all over the place, thinking something else. the judges asked me so much questions until i can't even answer most of them and my other team mate did the same thing. how unfortunate! we were all over the place during the presentation which had really given us the bad premonition that we are not going to win this.
the night of the result, our minds were restless, doubting that we would gain any kind of prizes. i was sure of it, we are not going to win. so slowly and clearly they announced the winners and we waited our names and project to be called. well, my instinct was right on the dot. we really did not win anything. serves me right for not being serious about this. hukhuk :(. well, again let bygone be bygone right? just take this as a challenge for me to enhance myself to be even more professional when it comes to prestigous competition like this. haha. and not to forget, though we did not win, but the moments being there were the things that  i will cherish always. and on the other hand, this competition was held at PULAU PINANG, MRSM TRANSKIAN. nice isnt it? haha. well that's all for now. see you all next time okay..! haha :). PEACE OUT!

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