Monday, December 5, 2011


well, tonight i'm having what you call as insomnia. i just can't help thinking that i only have about 29 days left to go back to my hectic college. there will be so much works that need to be done. it made me listless just even thinking about it. how i wish, i could have a longer weekend so that i could have more time to unwind and relax myself to the beauty of my bedroom. 

i always think isolation is the perfect way to increase your imagination as you can conjure as many wildly imaginations as you wish. and meanwhile when you are spending your time in a boarding school, you will easily be exhausted by the demanding activities that your school have. that is why i always try to isolate myself from others in my enchanting house if i came home to spend my jolly weekend. 

during my weeks spending here, i always try to pamper myself with late night movies. and the movies that i've watched so far, they all have what you call as a WOW factor and the ending is just so fantastic. well, the movie that i love the most so far is Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 2. i like every scene in that story as all the scenes have all of the missing pieces that will complete the puzzle which has long baffled your mind. well, i just can't believe that there is no more harry potter. well i guess harry potter will always be in our minds.

i have also watched Twilight Breaking Dawn. the story has become more and more exciting by the second. i just love the part where bella turned into a vampire. she looks so beautiful! i just can't wait to watch the last part of Twilight. it would be so AWESOME! well, i think that is all for now. i fell a little bit sleepy now. so guys do watch the latest movies and if you think the movies are awesome so do give some feedback. huhu. PEACE OUT!


  1. memang nak mengarang pun hakhak. kate nak improve english jd kene la berlatih kan. haha