Sunday, December 25, 2011

nothing special

i really don't have anything to say. i am speechless actually, why, you ask me? actually i have loads of homeworks and i tried to do them but it seems like i am not going anywhere with it. it seems too much for me to finish in just a week left before the school opens. i really need to speed up the pace and really try to stop from playing internet anymore. i find the idea of procrastinating your studies is quite unforgivable but i tend to do it anyway. :D

i know i've strayed away from my very purpose which to focus in my studies but what can i do, i miss staying at home and in less than i week i need to go back to my school. i really want to extend my holidays but who am i to do that. my result was not satisfying at all and i feel like fainting when i dwell about it. i think i need to stop worrying so much and start doing some action to actually undoing the fault that i made during my sem 2.

now i am in mood to study a little bit so have a good day guys. hope to see you guys soon. PEACE OUT. :) 

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