Monday, December 26, 2011

Merlin Season 4

well, i am glad to say that i finally found the links to download all of the series. so below are the links and you can download them right away. each episodes are broken into parts and the parts need to be rejoin before you  can actually watch them. don't worry, it would be very easy. you just need rar.exe - an extracting software but if you don't have it you can google and download it. so after you've finish downloading just open the first part of the episode and extract it. the parts will be rejoin by the software itself. it's that simple. :)

Series 4 will consist of 13 episodes. Colin Morgan said episodes would no longer be as stand-alone, "Each episode takes a progression as a piece of a jigsaw that has to be completed. There's no reverse going on." Due to the popularity of the show, Merlin has been renewed for a fifth series.

have a good time downloading! if you are experiencing some problems in downloading it or maybe if you guys  have some questions to ask, feel free to drop your comments. :) PEACE OUT.


  1. tekan je la kat link tu. yang mcm seakan warna biru...

  2. hihi, sedapII. tp aku biase lyn kat youtube je

  3. takpe2 kekgi ak post yg season 1 sampai 3 pulak. huhu