Friday, December 30, 2011

3 days to go :(

well, it was fun while it last. in 3 days time, i am going back to my college. not that i hate my college or anything, it is just that i still miss my home and i really want to spend more time with my family though it may sounds boring but i really want to extend my holidays. :) i think this is the shortest holiday span that i ever had and it seemed yesterday, i went back home. perhaps, i need to accept that i am growing up and changes will imply in every thing i do. don't know why but i really hate changes. hope someday i would be matured enough to truly accept the reality that i am growing up and there is no longer childish behaviour. 

i have loads of packing that i really can't imagine how to bring to my college. i can't really expect how many boxes that i have but i know it would by many and i know it would a tedious job to transfer all this stuffs to my room. and don't forget, my homework is still not finish and i really, don't know how to finish it in time. but they say hardwork is the key to success so i will try my hardest to finish my homeworks and really stop wasting my time playing facebook. well, procrastination is indeed an ailment that all students have but what i do know that can really aid to this problem is sheer hardwork. :D i really need to harness every will that i have to get me going and give me the spirit to continue on fighting with this challenges.

*yawning. well, i think it's time for me to go to sleep. so goodnite everybudy. hope to see next time. PEACE OUT. :))