Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Educating others and MYSELF

i don't know whether you still remember me or not but one thing for sure, im in dire need of your support right now ! well, in two weeks time or less ill be having this very important exam which is trial SPM. in its essence itself, trial have this meanest impact on me that i really can't have a normal day without even thinking of it. i am slightly worry and utterly nervous with this because i had not really finished studying but the clock's still ticking regardless whether im diligently studying or procrastinating. 

this is the mundane life of a malaysian student, really. they had to try their hardest to have this perfect result when actually what they are doing right now is really a waste of time. damn seriously ! example, if per say i want to be an actuarist when in its core itself, it doesnt have anything to do with chemistry at all or even physics but still we are forced to stay up late at night and revise all those hefty stuffs packed in one textbook. what a waste of time. i know, its a good thing but i envy those students who study in an international school where they have this choice in their very grasp. they can simply have the least subjects that they want or as many as they could depending on their capability. this is what i call true education where they learn for they want to become and not because they are forced to.

but still, im nobody. i can't simply go up to the principal and say what we are doing right now is a waste of time. i would be immediately expelled from the school which would be a scary nightmare for me. NO! well, but what i do know is that i still need to embrace what i have now and put it into one solemn effort that i will do my best in SPM. so do wish me the best. like seriously i need it.

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