Wednesday, August 22, 2012

late night, blogging

jauntily, i went out with my family just now. we went to a mall which i could not recall its name and i shopped for some new reference books. my dad kept on repeating of how it is so important for me to get 9A+ which i believe it is possible but an intense studying needs to be done.

nevertheless, i did also buy some clothes for myself which was wholly sponsored by my two sisters. they were happy to buy me all the things that i need and they even promise that theyll bring me again here tomorrow. hehe.

apart from that, i was thinking of studying as i have wasted 3 days before, procrastinating. it was indeed a shameful thing to do, considering that i only have 1 week to prepare myself for trial. seriously i am nervous but if i do believe that i can do it, insyaAllah anything is achievable. god almighty is really what i have left. i need to keep on praying and reciting come doa which would insyaAllah help me in the future exam.

wish for the best okay. TRIAL and after that SPM ! :))

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