Wednesday, August 22, 2012

nothing much

a very good day !

today is going to be my last day staying in selangor because tomorrow ill be going back to terengganu. my father, he insisted me that hell be the one who sends me back to my college. well, i do agree with the idea considering the fact that my bag weights 2 tonnes of books.

speaking of books, i am still figuring out how long it will take me to finish revising all those reference books. i am indeed nervous without a doubt but it doesnt even act as catalyst to keep me studying at all. nothing can be my pushing factor, forcing me to study.

i would like try to open those books by 3 minutes later i find myself in front of the television or even sleeping. with this kind of pace, i ll never make it in time. sobs2. :,(

nevertheless, ill keep on pushing myself to the limit until i know that what ive done is enough for me to succeed in my spm later. insyaAllah. :)

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