Sunday, December 25, 2011


SCHOLARSHIP, what a word. ive been thinking for awhile and it hit me in the head, like very hard, i really need to take this kind of thing seriously from now on. i know im not a fan of reading, and probing stuffs but if i really want to excel in this scholarship thingy, i need to consider doing that as soon as possible. i might as well start reading newspaper, just appropriate enough to give me a little view about the world. i know it's impossible for you to do well in your interviews if you dont read. but i find it too tedious and sometimes i get too bored and fell asleep while doing that. 

it really is important and i need to take this seriously. i just read on my friend's comment about scholarships, and i am really interested in khazanah nasional but i found out it doesnt support students who ventured into medic but that is what i want and at the same time i really want that khazanah nasional. i have few problems along the way like i am not sure what course should i embark. there are few that come into mind but i dont know if i am up to it. i do need to take 'the difficulties that i might have' into account here. and the courses that come to mind are all quite challenging. 

why is it hard for me to choose what course should i venture in? i want to become a lecturer when i grow up but what kind of lecturer? i know, i am still at an early stage of determining my future but you cant never be too safe right? i just want to make sure that i will choose the right thing for me so that i could have a better life in the future. so you guys, if you might have any advice for me do feel free to comment it. i would be happy if you help me. thanks :). PEACE OUT.

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