Thursday, December 22, 2011

tomorrow is going to be the big day

actually, tomorrow im going to wear braces. i have a dentist's appointment and i don't mean to miss it at all. well, i am quite nervous but happy at the same time, to actually fix my teeth. well, my teeth is not that bad but i fell uncomfortable because my teeth gives out a non-pleasing sense which irritates me sometimes. i cannot imagine myself wearing braces. what would my face look likes? but one thing sure, i am so going to be humiliated by my friends. well, just say it this way, they aren't used to seeing me wearing braces yet. 

i heard it takes sometimes for you to get use with it but i am sure that i will not regret doing it. i know it would be completely painful but i am ready to endure every bit of that painful moment just to vanish the unpleasing sensation that i am feeling now. tomorrow morning at 8 i will go to the clinic, get checked-up before i could really   wear those braces. i feel a little bit anxious yet at the same time i feel calm maybe i am just sleepy. whatever it is, i hope that i will have the courage to undergo the horrifying session. i hope so. PEACE OUT.

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