Tuesday, February 1, 2011

~All Wrap Into One~-part one

Hello! WOW it has been a month now, I think, since I updated this blog. I hope the readers aren't going anywhere because I'm back and eager to give you another trip into my life. As the title suggest , I am going to summarise all the things that had happened to me during my off-blogging time. The truth is I was so happy with my result for PMR, ALHAMDULILLAH, that I've forgotten all about my blog. SORRY! ^,^

OKAY! Continue on with my story, as you know, thanks for god's will, I got 8 a's for my PMR and now comes new obstacles and challenges that I've to face which is SPM. =.=''. Then I taught everything is finally over but I guessed not. It is actually a new begining to a new life and hopefully to a new resolution that  I hope to fulfill, entirely. A month have passed now, and lots of things that I dont think, any of you can imagine which happened to me. One of it is preparing for a boarding school. YEAH! I'm going to a boarding school. O YEAH BABY!

ALHAMDULILLAH, I got my second wish granted which is to go to MRSM. Which MRSM, you ask? Okay, I got MRSM PENGKALAN CHEPA that have stay grounded at KELANTAN since 1973, I guessed. I hope that this school will teach me how to be a better person so that I will be more prepared for SPM. AMIN~. 

Now, look at the time, I must get going because I've to get ready for a special event. HUAHUAHUA! WHAT EVENT? It's a secret baby. Okay, nice writing to everyone again and I hope to seeing you again soon. BYE BYE. PEACE OUT BROTHER!

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