Tuesday, May 3, 2011


hukhuk. =.=. now i am on my way back to mrsm pc. eventhough mrsm pc had given me a lot of joyfulness but i still feel a little bit reluctant leaving my home. HOME SWEET HOME, I DONT WANT TO LEAVE YOU. but still i have to.

now i am on my car, already packed and everything so wish me the best yarh. and and and... i only two weeks to study for my sem test which is going to be so very hard. i heard that sem is one of the harshest test ever made. HAHA. so i need to study hard for the examination and wish for the best along with my parents' prayers so that i could face the harsh exam. huhu

so i had to go now as i need to rest because last night was my stay-up-late night so i slept late last night. huhu. so till then see you all next time. hope to update this blog more often. bye! PEACE OUT

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