Thursday, January 16, 2014

A piece of my mind

What has been done is done.. no turning back. Now im on a brink of collapsing and only faith has held me so strong..

But i dont know how long or how strong for it to last. What i hoped for isnt what ive expected and whats more embarrasing, its totally the opposite of my expectation and everyone else including my own family. So many things going on lately and problems are dwelling inside of me like a bomb just waiting to explode.

Theres really no use in fretting in what that has been done.. but us human especially me cant stand a chance with my own thoughts.. its like a natural virus already embedded inside of you and is only waiting for the right to thing to trigger it into function.

Am i not blessed enough with what i have? Each and every one of us has our own problem to sort out and different people has their own different way of solving it. Maybe im not the type of person who can handle problems properly but i do have those people around me who can.. thats why i just need to learn how to trust them and stop pushing them away.

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