Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A remembrance to my thoughts

There's no shortcuts in life. There's only the hard way and I tell you it's pretty damn hard. Most often you see yourself getting stuck at few places and don't know where to start over.

You'll just condemn yourself for making that huge stupid mistake and let yourself drown in it which is really not a bad idea but only if you feel stupid enough to ruin your life just like that.

You take those arduous excursions just to know in the end that you'd be lost instead of finding answers to your life's riddle. But we need not to be dissapointed because at the end of the journey there will always be a place for you to stay and enjoy the moment. May it be a long big house equipped with tools and beautiful accessories to adorn the whole house or only neccessary items to complement the needs of the house. We all know that we can finally rest in it and to continue on the tiring journey on the next day.

I myself have always been making every single thing complicated when they are actually very simple. Nothing to fret actually. I used this road which at first seems so beautiful and enchanted when in the end it will actually lead me to a false path. Life does not always look easy. You need to push yourself to the limit and never choose the easy way because finally you'll only suffocate yourself with other onerous problems.

Try to use long big paths which can lead you to the right destination. Maybe you'll get yourself into small pot holes in the roads but remember nothing that small can get in your way of attaining your self-happiness even if it means sacrificing a few of your happy moments.

Life is too short to let it be ruined by other things. Life needs to be meaningful to you and to others so that it can keep on living in the hearts of the people who love you or remember you. Life need not to be arduous. Life can be easy but it's up to you to think of it that way. Nothing can get in between of you and your long most coveted things which are peace and long life serenity.

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