Friday, January 31, 2014

Chinese new year and I'm busy writing

I'm happy. I don't really know why or perharps I just don't want people to know why, but I'm really glad that I did what I did. I know it's irrational or maybe too overrated but I had to do what I have to do. It feels right and I now see everything clearly now.

It all seems to be better to me now. I now can live my life to the fullest without that feeling of regret and unsatisfied. I hope that after this I won't be having any problems like this anymore. But I know that god gives you obstacles in life in order to test your faith in Him. And He knows best for you and for your future. I need to believe that.

This is really something good for me. I really feel it. I'm more positive and much stronger. If there's something so gloomy and so perplexing, you tell yourself that there's always a positive side to things, especially when it's something to do with your faith to god.

Now I speak for myself and also to others that you need to balance everything about yourself, from the spiritual stuffs and to you physical and emotions so that they can give you a positive mind set and perpetual happy thoughts. Perhaps what I did might backfire me someday, but I know what I did is the right thing. I'm much and much more superior in every single aspect and I need to believe that.

I have one bright future in front of me and myriads of choices to choose from. I can basically live my life leisurely if I keep on working hard. Trust yourself, Husen that you can do it. That the future is something that you can shape and it is in your very grasp that you could do almost anything to it. You just need to keep on ignoring those things that might pester in your way and just keep looking ahead. That's the right way.

Emotions can be hard to handle but I'm basically joyful right now and I hope this keeps on. Can't wait to go back to college and just focus on my studies. I can't wait to score in my examinations. I can't wait to get into my preferred university. I can't wait to to finish my studies. I can't wait to work. I can't wait to show my parents that I have finally become the son that they have always wanted. And I can't wait for my family to be proud of me because I know that my potential is much broader than I could think of.

Thanks god for showing that I'm actually much braver than I thought. Thank you. :)

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