Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My story of life

When I watched a movie, I would get all excited and anxious to get to the end of the story because usually the ending is the part where the conflicts would be untangled and the answers to all of the riddles are there. It would normally be a happy ending. But to be honest, that was never the real ending to the story. Life keeps on going after that even though the filming stops. To me, there's never a happy ending. Endings are always sad and we just need to know how to cope with them.

Since we were children, the stories told to us would be joyful and meaningful and ended with a happy ending. But as we grow older, we know that that's not the real thing here. We don't see people getting married and lived happily ever after. We don't see couples who knew each other just for a day and immediately getting married after that. There really isn't any real handsome knight in shining armour to save you from the evil clutch of a gruesome witch and marry you when it's all over. Life's just not like that.

You see a married couple so in love and happy together and wish that the time would just stop so that they can continue on cherishing the moment they have together, but as time evolve so is the relationship. The flame on a candle which was used to light up so brightly will soon lose its brightness and dim and finally go off. That spark was never to be found again and what's keeping them together is their children, if they even have any.

You see movies where people would just open up a business and it was very hard for them at first and in the end, the business which was so tough at first became so easy to them. But we all know that there's a sequel to that story. It won't always be like that. Soon, the business will experience a downfall and it's up to that person who needs to salvage everything that was left and just start anew. He will probably get on his feet again and then thrive again and might even be more successful. That's just life.

We hope that the ending would be great but it isn't really. You know you just need to keep on going and no matter how suck you're making your life as it is, just accept it and continue on doing what you're doing. Probably you'll stuck at some places but don't worry. You just need to get back on your feet and start making new stories. But this time you better make many versions of them. You'll never know how they'll end but what you do know is that there's always going to be a new start and along the way,  you'll make new happy moments and meet that strong knight you've been searching for, be in love, open up a business and ending your life as you wish

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