Saturday, November 2, 2013

Semester break, PSPM 1

Howdy guys. I know I have not been paying much attention to this crappy blog of mine and to even sprucing up a bit to make it more readable but I know for now I don't have much time to do so. I'll try to do better next time. But before that, let me start off by saying that I have finally finished my semester exam and it's now my sem break. All is freaking awesome with this world again. Not to mention countless hours of sleeps and entertainment that I can experience here in my own home. I'm happy to tell you that I've finished my exam two days ago and though it was a nerve wrecking week for me but nothing beats having friends coming over and hoping to hop in as well while you're studying. Learning together and chatting things that none of which would come up if exam wasn't even near.

I know I've mentioned abt finals a couple of time and yes my sole intention of writing here in the first place is to briefly describe to you the horror of my exam week, putting aside the part where I mentioned about friends earlier. So the weekend started of with english as the opening to the whole week of creepiness and crapiness. I would describe as nothing more as an exercise to me because I know that english at that time wasn't as important as other subjects. So I answered it with patience and effort but I'm not too worried of the outcome later on. And yeah I forgot to mention that I had a muet test a few days before the exam and it was speaking test. It was awesome and that was the first time that I felt quite satisfied with my performance. So yeah I'll elaborate on that in the next post.

Okay, so on the evening I had my maths paper 1 exam and how do I describe it? Well, it was excruciatingly mind-pestering. I had to brainstorm for about 15 minutes just for a question and sometimes though I'd tried to find the answers or even the idea of solving it, I failed. I did leave a few questions unanswered and that was the first time I did that for a very important occasion like this one. I used to have at least a tinge of idea of what to do and that I used to patch the empty spaces in my paper but this time I just left it blank, answerless. stupid of me right? And what's more worrying is that I'm not confident with the answers that I gave. I felt that though I did solve it but my answers could be just blatantly wrong maybe due to my carelessness of writing or scheming the questions that I understood wrongly.

So after that was the two days off for a more time to study or revise on other chapters for other subjects. I wasted it by sleeping and procrastinating. How dumb was I to do that when such a very important exam taking place. Fu** my laziness. (sorry for the harsh word)

Then it was exam time all over again. The day started off with paper 2 for maths and ended by english paper 2. Maths was again not a friend to me. It drained my thoughts to the very bottom of my head that I felt like suffocating and I can no longer think properly. I hated this feeling so much. The feeling of not accomplishing the best result. English though it wasn't as important but I did it like it was point that could affect my pointers.

So the next day, was physics. You know what, I love physics so much. I love memorising those tough long formulas and understanding concepts that I never knew exist. But,,, and yes there's a but... the exam yet again managed to make my eyes swell a bit. It made teary because I can't answer most of the questions. And I even created my own answers. and not to mention the feeling of writing something ambiguous that the examiner my not take it as a correct answer. Oh dear god, I'm in a hell lot of trouble. So the evening was physics paper 1. 30 questions altogether and I need to finish it in an hour. So then I thought, 30 questions, this must be easy and must have more than enough time to sleep after that. Oh god, Ive never been so wrong in my entirely life. Though an hour was allocated, I still hadn't finished answering it and I managed to scribble obliviously a few answers on my objective paper.

The next day was bio. This time it was like heaven to me. You know why? Because I answered it with sheer understanding and confidence. I had no worries or doubts while answering it. for both papers. Well, I did spend a lot of time reading bio and leaving other subjects unintended. Maybe that's why I find so hard for the other subjects. So finally the exam week was ended with chemistry as the closing. Truth be told, I always did love and master this subject that I take no effort of revising the day before the exam. And look at me, chemistry was freaking hard for me. Shit! Hated the time where I realised that I answered question number 1 wrongly and let alone for the other questions.. Man, Im so screwed that I don't know how my result will soon turn out.

The best prayers for me yes mate! Please dear god give me excellent result for this exam. Im counting on my carry marks to help me and that the examiner wouldn't pay much attention to the fault that I made. :,(

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