Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yesterday Was A Wild Day!

Hello da mello.! Yesterday, to sum it all up was absolutely the best! First thing in the morning, I went to a photoshoot for a modelling contest my family portrait. I was at all time, trying to make myself look good in the picture. And I hope so. Because the last family portrait wasn't that all good, I mean, my face in the picture. I looked like someone is about to sell drugs and it was totally horrifying. Needless to say, I've already studied about the art of modelling (HAHAHAHA!) and hopefully it'll pay off.

It was already 4 p.m. I think. And if you have already read my previous post, I'm supposed to go to the cinema to watch some movies with my sister. And unfortunately, we don't have enough time to watch two movies because it was already 4.20 p.m. when arrived to the Mid Valley Megamall. We then rushed ourselves to the cinema and when we arrived, the queue line was as long as a ten row of buses! and yes I'm exaggerating! So I decided to watch  only one movie which was The chronicles of Narnia as we had little time to watch movie.

We then had to wait for about 20 minutes before we could buy our tickets and we were very sad as the ticket for the movie had sold out. So we had to buy the next session which at 7p.m.. We had to wait for two holy-f***king hours! This is the fun part. Huahuahua..! We then had to find something to do so that we can fill the huge time gap.

We did lot of crazy stuffs just to make the time fly and the things we did was so much fun. The first thing we did, was to eat as our tummy was grumbling like crazy. My sister chose a nice korean restaurant. Their food was so scrumptious. Then, my sister asked me to come and shop with her. As I had nothing to do, I just went with the plan. My sister bought some wild weird things. But suddenly, maybe as the result of drinking too much water, I felt like my bladder was going to burst. HAHA! My sister and I had to run to the toilet and I was so relieved after that. Actually before going to the toilet, we went to the 'surau' first as I had not prayed yet. but I could not longer hold 'it' anymore. After going to the toilet, we went back to 'surau' and I prayed and it was my sister's turn to go to the toilet. HAHA.

The most fun part was when we got to make fun of people from afar. HAHA. It was a hell of fun. Finally, it was movie time. We had 30 minutes before the movie starts. We bought some drinks and a popcorn. We then went into the cinema and at the entrance ,each of us was given a pair of spectacles for the 3D effect. And yes we watch a 3D movie. The movie overall wasn't that bad with the widely effect and all but the storyline wasn't that good for me. But watching it in 3D had surely made my day. It was so much fun.

I think that's all for now. See you next time. Bye! Peace out!!!

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