Tuesday, June 7, 2011

*-Im back at my home-*

finally, im back at my sweet home after about a week of leaving my home behind to spend my blissful holiday at my sister's house. so many exciting things that i did there and one of it is singing at a karaoke. haha. it was so funny and weird as all of my family went karaoke'ing even my nieces and that was my first time singing in front of my dear beloved family. it was a very weird atmosphere for me as i never sang infront of that many crowd. FUNNY, that is the only thing i can say. HAHA.

other than singing to my lungs out, we also went strolling around kl which was a real bonding session between us family. so many questions were flying that day and most of them were for me. i just answered it lazily. well that's who i am, an apathy, lazy, irresponsible person. HEHE. but people can change and i am still aiming for the best for myself, trying to become a better person in future. they say hardwork pays and i want to change badly. HAHA.

well admist the fun and excitement, there was still some dreary moments during the stay at my sister's house. we got into a fight! not like punching each other but in a misunderstood way where we debated with each other on a very irrelevant topic that i dont think you need to know. HAHA. but the hatred between brothers and sisters will not last and it actually makes our bond becomes stronger than ever. hihi. nevertheless, though it might seems that a fight between brothers looks like promising, for now but never ever try to get into one. it might become nasty. =,=".

then lastly i went back home and the journey lasted for abour 6 hours and it was excruciating because i am actually ill. im having a cold and i hope that this will be gone by tomorrow as i want to play futsal with my former school friends. it is going to be so fun. o yeah! so i want to rest and see ya next time. peace out!!!

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