Thursday, August 25, 2011


wehuuu, finally, im home after two months of suffering and enduring the severe lifestyle of a boarding school. heehuuu. many stories to tell, yet little time to do it. but ill do my best to tell all the big and even the small stories that i have since the last time ive blogged here. if im not mistaken, it has been 2 months right? what a long time to abandon this blog of mine. so sad, but what can i do, i am too busy and too lazy to blog. huhu.

but first and foremost i need compile all the wonderful stories that i have and try to blog it here in just a week. well i only have a week to enjoy myself here. :(. how i wish to have a longer holiday. well, just look at the time. i need to finish my homework first before i can enjoy myself here. so goodbye everyone... tonight, ill blog all the stories that i have in mind. huhu. PEACE OUT.

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