Thursday, June 2, 2011


hi! now i am actually in my car, on my way to KL. it has been a long time since i have a chance to go on trip like this with my family. but as a teen, especially a boy like me, i have hard times trying to bond with my family. the bond between us family is a little bit rusty right now. maybe when i get older i will be closer to my family.

enough of that, i am actually so exhilarated because i can now kill my boredom of being at home by having a great time in KL with my nieces and sisters. huhu. midvalley cinema just wait for me! i am still searching some new movies that i might be interested in watching at the cinema but it seems the choices is not that many. 

now i can have a descent time with myself. haha. watching some movies, hearing to some catchy songs and maybe go sight-seeing around kl by myself, how fun it is going to be. hehe. now i want to relax and unwind myself to some lively musics. so byebye for now. see you later. PEACE OUT!

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