Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a picture tells you a thousand stories

hi again. straight to the point, i want to buy a camera! but i dont have the money yet, and both of parents seem to disagree with my brilliant idea. i dont know why. just imagine if i have a camera of my own. i can take lots of pictures when i go anywhere and i can always remember all of the dearly moments. 

now, i always have problems like wanting to take pictures for my sem for example. i need a camera to do this obviously. without pictures, my technical report will be dull and boring and the judges will also feel a little bit reluctant wether they want to believe about the things in my project or not. also, without camera i will not have the chance to capture the great moments that i am having. what a shame would it be, right?

this will do great as a gift.. hehe

so ive been thinking, how am i going to coax my parents into buying me a camera? it would be the greatest gift that my parents have given to me. hehe. i need a camera so badly right now. how am i going to get my technical report done without pictures? 

YES. YOU CAN USE YOUR HANDPHONE TO TAKE PICTURE. but unfortunately, my school has forbid the students into having a handphone equipped with camera. they said that if there is a students that bring those kind of handphones to school, the handphone will be compesated. i dont want that to happen to my phone. so the only option is to buy a camera. i hope my parents will come to their senses and they will notice my very important need to have a camera... SAY CHEESE...!

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