Saturday, August 27, 2011


This is when all the brainstorming happen. Many wouldn’t dare to take this for granted if they want to graduate like all the past students of my school did. Therefore, sem itself is very crucial in which all students are forced asked to use their superior brain power in creating great projects or at least to contribute new discoveries. 
Actually, not in a million years that i would even think to create anything but when sem is the main topic here, i just need to sit down and follow as instructed. At the same time, I need to form a group which is the hardest part for me when I am actually not a good team player but what could I do, my future is at hand here. 
So to make it short, I managed to form a group that consist of 4 team members and we named our group as THE FUTURE THINKERS. It took us quite a while to come out with the idea and after we have finally found it, we just need to conduct the experiment as to prove whether the hypothesis is accepted or not. If luck is on our side the result will turn out positive and fortunately it did. 
After few months, the time to delliberate has finally come and during the judging time, we tried our hardest to have a descent presentation that would mesmerize the judges and that we did, I think so. After hours past by, the result for the winners finally came out, our feet were shaking so badly and we were too anxious to even talk to each other. Finally the moment of truth! We won second place! YAHOO.. Even though we didnt win the first place but we are pleased with our achievement. At least we surpassed our initial expectation of not getting anything but thank god our hard work actually payed off. HUHU.
I just want to thank our supervisor, ms. WAN ZURAIFAH for her wise teachings. huhu... And dont forget my team members which are AZIM, ZARIF and IZZAT, without them I wouldnt even dream of winning anything. THANKS GUYS!.. Thats all for now. Hope to see you guys next time. HEHE. PEACE OUT!

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