Thursday, November 29, 2012

no more SPM for me

is it really finally over? am i now free?  i looked at the clock and restlessly waiting for the invigilator to end the exam. one final scan on that piece of paper and i closed the paper, sat up straight and nervously awaited for the final minutes to end.

"stop writing, place your pen on your desk and one last check. check your id number your details."

   my heart pounded to the sound of that and i looked to my left and saw Mas, a friend of mine smiling at me. i did the same to her. i placed my exam paper to the right side of my table and anxiously shaking my knees to the excitement of me finally being free of the misery staying up late at night doing homeworks, memorizing those thick heavy books, and being a student that has to do every thing by the rules. one of the invigilator took my exam paper and a big joyful smile arched on my lips. i just could not stop smiling.

   i was about to shed tears but my inner conscience stop me from doing that.

"it all finally ends. 3.30 p.m finished with a biology paper 3. it's all over i am finally free." i whispered to myself.
   then we dispersed from the main hall and went to the invigilator to shake his hands. i ran to the door and my feet felt a little bit frail. i feel light. it seemed that all of my problems faded away and i could not describe the feeling in words. AT LAST I WAS FREE! SPM'S OVER! YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

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