Sunday, January 6, 2013


I observe and scrutinize people at a very close watch and it occurred to me of how do I or any one else can differentiate of those with gorgeous physiques and those who don't. How can we note that a person as being good looking? Or how can we be attracted to our partners? It must have been born with us or else we will not be able to rate people at their beauty. 

I question at how we observe and response to it. Is it likely we response to the beauty of something like we sense the hotness and the coldness of a substance through our embedded receptors deep beneath our skins? I kindly look at this something immeasurable because we can't touch or feel beauty as it is an abstract and intangible. We are taught to only praise those who is with beauty and of good looking. 

It must have been in our blood or more specifically in our genetics to look at something and give remarks to it. Does it have something to do with our hormones and the induced urge or feeling of being awed by the sheer beauty of someone? It is really inexplicable because I am now speaking through what I observed and not through of any detailed research nor the surfed website to find the accurate resources. I am very sure we trained ourselves to look at something and ingrained ourselves with the specific adjectives to it. 

It puzzles me sometimes as to why we are attracted to beauty. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If the person views his partner being enchantingly beautiful, we do not necessary need to have the mutual feelings towards the latter. I look at beauty as something that has this fixed value that we perceive. The golden ratio has been identified as one of the ways of measuring people at their beauty. Angelina Jolie being one of the highest marks proves how beauty must have some correlation to how we perceive the structure and the symmetrical of someone's face. 

Having the exact ratio does not mean you are beautiful but it only proves of how perfect your face is. It is said that whose face has the exact measurement to the golden ratio will have the most perfect face there is in this world. But I see beauty as something indefinite but measurable that it is out of our reach of explaination to measure beauty and it is up to the eyes of the beholder to judge and give comments. I really want to study more about these kind of things and hopefully can even publish a book pertaining to this topic. I will definitely do a research on this.

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