Saturday, January 12, 2013

Career conflict

I'm now having a second thought about pursuing my studies in AS because there are just so many things at stake. I need to consider yet again the professional exams that I need to take and risk everything if I don't pass. The time management itself is just completely absurd! The discipline is already hard for the undergraduates and they have to face the same challenges when they have graduated. I don't know whether I am up for this.

It is so difficult because deciding that one proffesion that you will never ever regret taking is somewhat hard for a person like me. I look at this as something that I really can't make up my mind by my own insight but I need other recommendation and advises by those people who have long known the predicament that this alluring job gives. Many people are tempted to pursue their studies in AS because they think that they can get high paid salary. It is true but only if you passed all of those exams which is very very hard and need to be tested multiple times before getting the green light to become a professional actuary.

Recently, the blogs have really opened my eyes to the problems I might face if AS were to be one of my options. But the real problem is that the subjects this course provides. I can't imagine myself sitting in front of the lecturer being engrossed by what to me will be something very much boring and dull and I just hate something related to economics. I remember being exposed to the subject and my first impression was really really not something for a student like me be doing if this were to be my own choice of study. It wasn't my intention to hate the subject but I thought it was not something that I can cope with in the future.

Okay, so what do I really like? Honestly, I like brain storming, researching, reading science related subjects and looking at the theories made by the prolific scientists. I yearn something which involves scientific research and studying with sheer scrutiny. I too love teaching people because it has always been my passion to share what I think and even become a professor. I would pretty much love to be a professor. But I don't know what course to embark?

My parents are very against with the idea of me pursuing engineering because of some personal family reasons. I too can't see myself being trapped into that kind of situation supervising a road construction and standing under the scorching sun until I see my skin darkened. I love being in laboratory or in an office in front of a computer, eagerly pressing the keyboard. Being a boss and instructing people have always been my dream and eve if it seems cruel but I just love making projects and managing the whole idea and making it a one realisation.

I took some career path tests and still I am clueless of what I shall choose. I see no end to this never-ending problem. I thought I was firmed with my first decision but when I kept on researching, my mindset deviated from passion to none. Right now, I just can't imagine myself being an actuary. I want something that I wouldn't regret doing and I really need to make up my mind soon or else I will end up seeing my future ruined. That would be a nightmare for me!

Au revoir!

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