Friday, February 15, 2013

Chapter 1 : The novel

Greetings earthlings! There are just tons and tons of story that I have and need to tell you. Most of them are just dull and boring but I find it very important to share it with everyone. So this is going to be the first part of my very very long update. I've been waiting the right time for me to update and just spill everything to you guys.

So continuing on with my first story of a very long period of hiatus.

Chapter 1 :: The novel

I can't remember when was the last time I wrote this but it has this very big impact towards my life. It all started when my sister came and introduced me to korean songs which were not the type of songs that I would hear. And the idea of having groups of people on a small stage vexes my eyes. But that was before I heard this very one song which had opened my eyes to the beautiful rendition that korean songs have. But it was this one song named Time To Love by T-ara which had managed to aroused my very interest towards korean songs. Thus, I would spend day and night listening to this song and one day I got an idea. 

We'll go back to that part but first I need to tell you the problems I had before I started out writing that very novel. So I was still a kid back then, 13 years old to be exact. Well, you know kids how they tend to have wildly imagination and can sometimes go out of hand and I was that type of kid. Always imagining things and had problems to differentiate the reality and somewhat the conjured imagination. So, I thought I was so good at English that I sometimes boasted at how good I am and can definitely write with great profoundness and well contrived idea. That was all in my head and not at all the truth of what I would describe myself of being over confident.

Now, this is where the above stories merge together. So, I was so determined to write that novel and just couldn't wait to let my friends read it that I forgot the essential part of writing a novel which is a good command in english. At that time, my language was a total wreck. I can't even write a whole sentence without making any grammar mistakes. My English was beyond repairable but at that time I was too confident that I could finish the novel that I kept on writing, excluding the fact that I was an awful writer. Well, this is where my sister came in and knock some realisation into my head. I gave her the privilege of being the first person to ever read the half way finished novel.

My sister wasn't that very good with words and concealing her feelings towards my awful presentation of a novel that she blatantly said that my novel sucks! This was my reaction towards her blistering remarks.

God... You don't say.
I took it as a challenge. So since that very day, I have been so determined to improve my language skills and I had done so many things to meliorate my usage of the language in my writings. So far I see descent results but I need an awful lot of practice before I can be satisfied with my language skills. 

Well, back to the story, I kept on writing ignoring the fact that my sister fairly disapproved my eagerness to write. Then, when I finished writing a few pages, I decided to read, making sure there wasn't any mistake and at that very moment, I realised that my language was excruciatingly awful. It took me several minutes to calm myself and realise that every single thing that my sister said was unfortunately true and very oppressing. And that I had to put my passion on hold and had to find some ways to improve my language. So it took me several years before I have the guts to continue on writing.

And that has brought us to this present day when I was happily rummaging through my old files in the computer. I then, found this file or in other words the novel that I was supposed to finish ages ago. Therefore, I decided to continue one writing what I have left hanging for awhile. But maybe because I was to excited that I just involuntarily texted a friend of mine and gave her the honour of being the first person to ever read my novel. But at that time, I did not realise of how crappy and childish was my writing. I had to rewrite everything from scratch. This story actually continues to my second part of a new chapter that I would lovely name it the external but that chapter is not ready to be published yet. So next time I'll write my next chapter, chapter 2 : the holiday.

Going back to this, I have to push myself into finishing this novel because I have risen one of friends hope high. At least she was eager enough to read it after I had told her every part to the novel that I'm writing. She is Umi and I really want to give her the chance to read my novel. But the first person that I texted was actually Ara, and I also want her to read it but there was a problem occurred during my writing and that I will later elaborate it in the other chapters of this blog. So till then good luck.

Au revoir!

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