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Chapter 2 : The holiday

Chapter 2 :: The holiday

There are tons of things that I need to settle before going to selangor which was supposed to be my permanent stay there but because there are still unsettled business I need to go back and forth from Selangor to Terengganu. It was so tedious that my parents decided to stay in Terengganu for awhile and to put our needs aside and focus more on the unsettled stuffs. 

I am always this kind of person who doesn't always like to go out and have fun I'm more to indoor kind of guy, so to speak. But when I came home after I finished SPM, I thought that I would spend a lot of my precious time at home and would love doing it. But being at home secluded from the rest of the humans outside of my house that I realised of how lonely and desperately needed a friend, I am. I began to build some fondness of going out and just waiting for any one to call and invite me to any kind of event. Even if it's not an event, I would still go.

So, when my father asked me whether I want to go to selangor or not, I was jumbling up with joy and relief. There, I can have all the fun that I want. My sisters are near to me that I can simply ask for a ride and will end up in a place where goods are placed perfectly on shelves. My house is really placed in a strategic location where it is very easy for me to have fun. There, we have a cinema where I would gladly spend most of my time and around there, we also have karaoke which is on regular basis, I would sing all day long. On the spiritual side, we have mosque almost everywhere we go. When I sleep and it's almost dawn, azan would blare and wake me up from my sleep which is very refreshing. And if I require some medical attention, we have clinic 1Malaysia just around the nook of the factory buildings located near to where I live. Yes, I live beside factories but they're not those kind of factories which can cause harmful pollution. On the contrary, the factories around here are mostly for organic purposes like animal feed and wood carpentry.

What I love the most living there is the internet speed which is really beyond compare to any internet speed in Terengganu that is. Around Selangor the connection speed is 100 times faster than the speed in Terengganu. I downloaded so many movies that I don't know whether I would finish watching all of them. It was the time I decided that I would spend most of my time watching movies and relaxing besides being stressed out because I had nothing to do than watching movies. I had internet in Terengganu but it was the worst speed there is for Celcom which irks me so much that I almost decided to stop using Celcom. But my mind set changed when I came to Selangor where the speed is unimaginable. I can even watch youtube as much as I want without having to worry that it would buffer and become slower. Another good news, I also need not to be worried that it would become slow as soon as it reaches its bandwidth limit because the speed is too fast I supposed that it did not made any significant difference.

Going back to the very purpose of this chapter, my family then went to Selangor and it wasn't actually a trip or any kind of vacation as foretold but merely a decision made my father to permanently move there. Well, it was about to be permanent when I had other unsettle things in Terengganu that my father and I had to go back to Terengganu. When I was in Selangor, I met my sister who had finally given birth to a beaurtiful girl baby. There were this routine where my sister would go back and forth from her house to my parents' house and bring her children with her. She had to go back every time she came because two of children have to be sent to school every morning which is near to her house in Ampang. It made it quite difficult for her so she decided that when it's weekend, she would pay a visit to my parents' house.

This was the time I suddenly came up with an idea that I was actually going on a holiday because my second sister came back to Balakong from Kelantan because she had to settle some business there. I was so happy that my family was finally complete. I have my there elder sisters, my brother and both of my parents to accompany me there. We were so glad that we could gather and have a chit chat with each other. There was  a time that we bundle up all of the jokes that we have and tell them to each other. We were laughing so loud that I was positive that our neighbours could hear it.

That was how fun it was for me to go back to Selangor recently but what made me a bit sad was that I had to go back on the 14 of Feb because I had a dentist appointment. Well, I can't include any picture with this memory but the pictures imprinted into my mind are enough for me to dwell the wonderful times I had with my family in Selangor. Hoping that I could do that more often and see each other on a regular basis but of course each and everyone of us has our on life to commit to which made it harder for us to gather like that. I think this is all from me now.
Au revoir!


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