Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chapter 3 : Am I ready for it?

Chapter 3 :: Am I ready for it?

So as you might know by now, I'm already in Terengganu. Well, tomorrow's going to be another big day. I have what you call as QTI- it's a pre driving test kind of thing but if I fail this I can't go no where near to even being tested by the real examiner. But what I heard and hopefully it's true, the examiner for this pre test driving is more lenient compared to the real examiner because what they're looking in the student is the ability to drive and they're not too strict at giving marks. But I have to say, being beside an examiner is quite nerve wrecking even so beside the real one not the pre test one. It would be really uncomfortable and I might make some errors without even noticing it.

The first open lecture they have which lasted 3 hours (this is compulsory to get your L licence), I was told that the real one would be so strict that you need to greet them before entering the car and if not, they'll ask you to go back outside and to ponder on what you did wrong. That's just so harsh for me. Just imagine, you are in your uniform tucked in and sweating and you have to rephrase every single step in your head so that you would not forget any of them, of course you would mix every single minor things which is quite frankly irrelevant in getting you're driving licence ready. Just think, what does greeting the examiner beforehand has got anything to do with passing the exam? Well, I do get it at some point actually. They just want to inculcate great manners in the students by telling them that but punishing them for those little little mistakes is really irrelevant. What I notice is that they're merely making fun of the students and not at all, teaching them any manners.

I really think that I'm just over reacting but you know, how people they can't control their nerves. Well, I am one of them. For the past competition I've been through, I had actually managed to control my nerves a little bit but as I had long left those moments behind that I'm now turning back into the person who flushes every time there are people watching you and stutters uncontrollably without stopping, knowing that you are the center of attention. That's just unbearable and I really have to find a way to cope with it. What I'm most worried is that the preparation I had before actually being tested. Am I ready?  I just have to tell myself now and tomorrow that I have nothing to be worried and the only thing that I have to focus on tomorrow is driving safely and coming back home with a big arch of smile on my face.

So wish me the best. Au Revoir!

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