Saturday, January 5, 2013



I wonder how does it feel to have a best friend. Someone you could talk to any kind of topic without that person feeling irritated and at the same time, depend on to, depicting the earnest understanding towards the problem I have. Who is my best friend? I don't know. Every time, I pondered and contemplated, I felt sad and hurt. I don't know to whom I shall talk to. To whom I can share all of deepest scariest secrets to. To whom I can rely on when I have problems that I can never cope alone.

I hate it when every time I looked into the mirror and saw myself alone, without having any one behind me who can lend me a hand when I need a help, someone who is close enough to understand me and supportive when it comes to lessening the sadness I feel.

I sleep listlessly every night knowing how I'm not capable of undergoing the hardship alone. I felt sad. I see many of my comrades are having the most wonderful time of their life because they know when each time they felt sad and helpless, they can always go and see each other, share the stories they have and possibly look into each other's eyes and say, it's all going to be okay. I'm pleading to god so that one day, I can have a friend like this. 

For now, I am alone.

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