Thursday, January 3, 2013


Apparently, tomorrow marks a new year in my life. I bet most of us would have new resolutions that we wish to fulfill being attached to them as though they are promises that we are obliged to. 

For me, I intend not to have any new resolutions in life. I want the year 2013 to be a start for a new life, acquiring much knowledge in me through my senses regarding the world and mostly get a deeper view on myself. I want nothing but to know myself better. It it no ridicule in what I intend but merely to know what will suit me best in life. Is it enough for me to live alone by myself? Or am I in dire need of support knowing how I can be too attached with the people around me. 

Those are the questions I need to answer in order for me to know myself better. Am I firmed enough to make decisions? Can I triumph after failing so many times? I need to put myself in those situations for me to get the required answers and to fill in the loopholes in my life with hopes of bringing myself up, away from any problems which is hardly enough for me to even devote myself to them. Not getting my hopes too high but staying away from problems are already a problem for me. This is an utterly serious matter that I need to promise myself try avoiding making nemesis and try to find descent friends instead.

This year has had its impact and influence towards my life. I will never ever forget what happened to me throughout this year and may they be references for me to pin point the righteous acts acceptable enough for me and for the people around me. 

I have hopes but they depend on what has been written in my book of life. This what we call as destiny. I am powerless to change them but I can always for my betterment. So insyaAllah 2013 I will receive a very very good news. 9A+ Amin.

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