Monday, December 31, 2012

Choices and Life

Just imagine getting a text saying that you are invited to the most grand event ever but after a while you realised that you have a meet up with your friends. Would you stood up your friends going to the event which  is a luxury? Or would you go to the meet up for the sake of the true comradery. This is when you are required to put your thinking hat on to make the right decision.

If you were to be an adult making such decision would not be as easy as when you were a child. I would say   when I was a child the hardest decision I ever made was when I had to choose whether to go with my ardent love in watching television or start focusing on my studies because it was the week of a crucial exam. But as you grow older, there are plethora of very hard choices that you have to make and some of them even relate to matters of life and death. They, the choices transcend each time you age, keeping you matured enough to face the arduous life of an adult.

Children on the other hand, is the phase in life in which they learn from their mistakes. But it irritates me a bit that parents can be over-protective of their children that they forget the essence of life is gaining and learning from the past mistakes that their children made. Bubble boy (a movie) is pretty much the perfect example in this matter which we speak of. The mother is just too protective of her son that she raised her son to be living his life not knowing what it's like to go outside and feel the pure raindrops or to touch the green grass of his lawn. He was forced to live his life to mimicking the life of a hamster trapped in a container segregated from the rest of the community.

Perhaps, this movie is exaggerated but the means it portrayed is what signify the parents today. No, I'm not lambasting the parents for protecting their children but it is merely an outcry how these children dislike being too bound, not having time knowing how it's like to do the things in life which matter to them. Even when the child decides that it's time for him to learn how to ride a bike, the mother forbid the child. Tell me, how on earth that the child is going to be independent? The child that her mother treasured the most is already of the age of 13! He will never learn anything. This child should be given the chance to know how it feels to ride a bike, falling and getting back up and never ever giving up.

With that, the child will certainly know what is best for him and learn how to pick the right choices in life. Hurting does not mean that the child should be kept precious instead the child must be exposed to it so that he will avoid repeating them. The similar thing implies to how we make decision. When we can predict the outcome through our senses and our past events, we will surely make the right choice and avoid choosing the wrong ones. Other than that prospect, being protective is a good parenting skill but being over-protective kills the evolving life of the young ones. They can be lifeless because they are never exposed to the crucial parts of living the life as human beings.

Therefore, it all correlates you see, the way life always revolve to the fact how we are raised and who raised us. One other thing, when making any decision we need to believe in god, then you know how it helps you in every way. Subhanallah.

Au revoir!

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