Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tomorrow's news : Me driving for my P license

I am going to sleep early tonight at least it is earlier than when I used to sleep. Well, tomorrow's going to officially be my second time of driving a car with or without a guidance. Therefore, I was told to wake up early tomorrow so that I wouldn't be bored waiting for the long queues that I used to do, due to the fact that I was merely later than others just by a few minutes. 

People nowadays are really persistent that I need to compete with them getting up early and arriving there first. No one would want to wait, would they? Especially when it's about things that they love doing. Driving a car was quite something I longed for but when I am frequently exposed to the horrifying news regarding car crashes, my mind changed instantly. I don't mind driving but I mind those irresponsible people who drive on the roads. 

They caused this chain of car crashes. When one car crashed let's say an oncoming car ahead of them. Both of the cars will try to avoid crashing to each other so they start skidding to the other side of the lane. When they thought that every thing was over and that they are safe for any calamities, then out of sudden another car heading on the road with a very fast speed crashed to that car toppling it over. If there were to be motorcycles, they too would get involved in the crash; they are the ones who are mostly severed. 

Due to the eerie fact that it was because that the first driver was driving without paying attention to the road and too busy talking to the phone, the driver caused a brutal car crash taking many innocent lives. I really hope that I will never get involved in those kind of car crashes and I will always try to drive safely. But I am never capable of avoiding the inevitable. 

Well, I think this is pretty much there is to express my feeling. I am just happy that I am finally going to get my driving license despite the several rigorous stages ahead of me. Pray for me okay that I would do fine for tomorrow and I am not going to make any mistakes though they are unavoidable. 

Au Revoir!

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