Friday, December 28, 2012

The misintrepreted

It is an absolute nightmare when I read an article about how we are born gay. I don't mean 'we' i meant for them who confidently declare themselves as gays. It irked me to a greater extent when they suddenly mention how there is no cure to their ailment. Really? Do you really want me to think that? I must say, they are accepting this like they want it to be like that. There is this one hadith stating that every known ailment must have their way to cure. I do agree that even Islam acknowledged that those can be born with sexual imperfections but we as Islams should never opt to accepting it.

It is our obligation to aid these people from continuing to deviate from the right path. No you could not simply impart a wrong message to the crowd. No one in the world is born gay nor do they wish to be permanently gay. They ought to resort seeking people who are professional in this kind of realm. The counsellors can reduce the conflicts incurred in ones' mind. Several prolific professors have done their research and they say there are ways to solving this pandemic.

We love Allah 
Prior to becoming gay, most of them are influenced by the wrong inputs around them. Perhaps, they mingle more around girls compared to guys at their young age, playing along with them without bothering to even go and get to know their guy friends. The infusion of non-clarity of their sexual appeal is slowly being instilled in their minds with the wrong meaning to sexual gratification. They sort to people who are of the same gender as theirs and gradually develop a sexual attraction to their partners. These are so wrong in their perceived way. No man in the world are that dumb to have an open relationship with another man but I must say, homosexual individuals are having a better future ahead of them due to the acceptance of most of the societies nowadays with their predicament.

Clearly, this group of people are lacking of support and they are left to be in their own world without any guidance to make better of them. Not ashamed with what people might think of them, they ignored the outcry of the people and are too blinded with that pleasure they receive from their counterparts. Allah will always help His humble humans if they pray for their betterment and incite their partners to do the same. Sometimes, they scarcely devote themselves to praying but because of the loneliness they felt and the gaiety when they are amongst themselves, they just stop praying. You should never stop hoping that they could be cured.

I'm pretty sure that if they were to read this, they would be like "ahh, he doesn’t know anything about the feeling. No one would want this but we are born this way". Truth be told, you aren't putting enough trust in God Almighty, Allah's power to do any wondrous thing. We Islams should not be stupefied by those propagandas about the notions we are born gay and there is no other way but to accept and live your life to it. Always, I repeat, always try to believe that there's no other greater power than Allah. Being gay isn't something we are born with instead it is an ailment born with us. There must be the tiniest or slightest guilt in you and it is you to amplify it to stop from doing those which go against with our beliefs.

No, I am not bashing those who are being gays but please go seek someone who is much capable to cure you. This is for the greater good. There are just so much implications knowing that you are having open relationships with your own kind. Not to mention the wrath you'll later receive from your family and most importantly from God Almighty. I am pretty much trying to reach out a hand helping you guys to believe there is no other better way to live your life than other to go with the teachings of Islam.

Au revoir!

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